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Nest Thermostat Eco Setting

Community Member

I need to figure out how to turn Eco off permanently. My thermostat turns up to 76 degrees when we’re not home. I’ve tried to make the schedule different, to adjust the Eco temps, anything I can think of. I want it turned off. Plz help!


Community Specialist
Community Specialist

Hi Rainy2,


Thanks for reaching out and for being a step ahead of us. Your Nest thermostat will automatically switch to your Eco Temperature after it senses that nobody’s home to help save you energy.

Your thermostat uses its own activity sensors, sensor data from your other Google Nest products and your phone's location to tell when everyone has left or someone has come home. To avoid this, disable your Home/Away Assist feature. 


You can follow the guide below to change Home/Away Assist settings:


  1. Open the Nest app.
  2. Tap Settings Nest settings icon.
  3. Select Home/Away Assist.
  4. Tap What decides if you’re home.
  5. Select a Nest product, then tap the switch to disable its participation in Home/Away Assist.


Once you disable both phone location and all products from helping with Home/Away Assist, your home won’t automatically switch between Home and Away modes.