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Nest Thermostat/ Heat Link not connecting

Community Member

Error code H71, App disappeared, tried to re-connect. Re-set thermostat, deleted and re-installed app. Pressed heat link, got blue blinking light, just won’t connect to each other! 
New Heat Link this year! Please help? 


Community Specialist
Community Specialist

Hi there, thank you so much for reaching out! Can you please follow this steps as this will definitely help:

Turn off the WiFi router.

1. Reset the Heat Link by keeping the button on it pressed for 30 seconds until the LED goes slowly pulsing blue.
2. Take the thermostat off the base and give it a restart, off the base by holding the display and the back of the thermostat pressed for 10-12 seconds. (Hamburger reset) 
3. While the thermostat is restarting, do not put it back on the base yet, but instead, reset the Heat Link again just like before.
4. After the Heat Link is reset, put the thermostat back on the base when it asks you to do so on the screen. 
5. Go to: Replace Heat Link (underneath the H71 error code) and enter the 6 character entry key from the Heat Link, but do not connect just yet.
6. Restart the Heat Link twice (1 restart is a 10 seconds press, until the LED goes off once). 
7. Press connect on the display.

Community Specialist
Community Specialist

Hi there, just checking in with you. Did you see my last message?