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Nest Thermostat Shenanigans

Community Member

Model Nest Thermostat-1.4 (Third generation of Nest if I'm reading the notes correctly)

Software 1.1-9

I've read others having an issue with the Presence Sensing not working and mine is no exception. My phone has location turned on, connects to wifi with no issue when I get home. I've uninstalled and reinstalled Home. It just will not come out of Eco Mode and warm the house up until I go into the app and manually click on "Comfort". I did try to find a widget that I could toggle myself as driving Home so that it would register and start heating, but there doesn't appear to be one. It worked fine until about a month ago and then stopped. It started changing to Eco Mode while I was in the house in winter which is not a good time for the temperature to decide to drop to the lowest eco setting. I ended up having to put a schedule back in place for Sleep and Waking me up in the morning because the Presence Sensing fails to see me at home even though in Presence Sensing it sees my Pixel 6 and uses my phone location and has precise location turned on and maps shows me as in my house. I just can't put a schedule on for the evening because the time I get home shifts around and either Presence Sensing needs to work or a Widget needs to be available.