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Nest Thermostats

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Nest thermostat

Power went out in the house and the nest seems to be stuck with flashing green light and stuck in the G , I've reset it several times and it goes right back to the G ,what can be the issue ?

BecerraY1 by Community Member
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Best Learning Thermostat on battery power?

Our boiler installer believes that the Nest Learning Thermostat has a model that can be run on battery power only (rather than wired). Is this the case, or do they all need a mains connection?

apdf by Community Member
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Make a difference this summer with Nest

There's a way to make $60.00 this summer with my Nest Learning thermostat, just not mine. Your email claims I don't have a Learning thermostat and I do. I can log into Nest with Google, but not my email. It shows up as Nestle's Nest, it claims mine i...

$10,000 damage caused by Nest malfunction

My third generation Nest thermostat malfunctioned and turned the AC on while in "heat" mode. My AC unit had a winter cover on it and Nest ran the AC for 3 hours while we were not home. The AC unit burnet out because of overheating under the cover. We...

Rabidi by Community Member
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Checking Wiring Before Purchase

Right now my Yellow wire is on W1 with a jumper to Y. If when installing the nest I just attach Yellow to Y would I have any issues? If I do that in the checker online it says it'll work but I just want to confirm.

Seth9628 by Community Member
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Bring back Nest without Google!

Google keeps logging out of Nest so I can’t instantly adjust temperature. The performance to log back in is so painful, involving TFA etc. This was never an issue with ‘Nest’ as that just worked! I would not recommend Nest products because of this is...

DASB by Community Member
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Nest emergency shutoff

We had a fire in our home. I replaced all the nest protects but we kept the original nest thermostats. During the fire, the nest did its job and turned off the ac unit. However, now it keeps randomly turning off my ac with the emergency smoke even th...

Fowlerac by Community Member
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Resolved! frustrating nest thermostat

Where to begin? Just received a free Nest thermostat from my power company (SRP). Removed the Honeywell (4 wire heat pump system) and logically mapped the wires to the Nest (semi-verified with the confusing available internet info). Trouble with inte...

haz by Community Member
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Replacing a 25 year old thermostat

Replacing two thermostats on a zoned system. The first one worked fine--it had Y, W, R, G and (aside form needing a Nest Connector) set up relatively easily. Second thermo had Y,W,RH bridge to RC and G, plus an extra white and an extra yellow connect...

Nest Temperature sensors and Flair Smart Vents

I was wondering why Google has partnered with Flair Smart Vents to aid in controlling the temperature in every room of the house but you have never made the temperature sensors compatible? I think that it would make great business sense for Google to...

JeffCamp by Community Member
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