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Nest Thermostats

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Nest Power Connector

I purchased a Nest Thermostat to control a 3 zone (valve) boiler. My thermostat wires are a R and W. The R wire is 24 volts. I purchased the Nest Power Connector to provide a C wire. I connected my thermostat wiring R wire and W wires the R and W on ...

Elmlion by Community Member
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What's efficient when it comes to saving money? Keeping it on with a schedule? Or just turn it on when it gets down to an undesirable temp? Thanx.

elchino by Community Member
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Is there any way you can record wire setup in pro setup? Thermostat was setup by HVAC contractor and I would like to record setup just in case…. 2 stage gas furnace, 1 stage heat pump.

rdf by Community Member
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1 of 3 Nest Thermos connects to WiFi but not App

Two of three thermos connect great. Third won’t connect to app but it connects to WiFi. I’m using Eero mesh. From another post, I tried adjusting WiFi to 2.4 but still not working. App recognizes serial number but no go. Every other nest and google d...

Rpprior by Community Member
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Nest thermostat does not follow programming

I have programed the thermostat for hours we are home and away, sleeping and rising. It often does not follow the program at all. Example: itnis set to cool to 65° at night while we sleep and warm up to 69° at 4:30 am so it's comfortable when we get ...

Juanean by Community Member
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Low Humidity in House

I’ve been having heating issues in my house since it started getting very cold outside. We have a 2 story house and added a sensor downstairs years ago since we only have one thermostat in our house located upstairs. It’s always cold downstairs..69 b...

Nest thermostat fan does not run in auto

Want to post for others. Purchased a 2021 Nest thermostat. I have an oil furnace with an air handler in the attic. Its a 4 wire system (RGYW). The fan would not run automatically when called for heat. Manual mode worked fine. After a couple hours of ...

Leroy by Community Member
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Nest App won’t Connect

I’m still unable to connect from my IPhone Nest App to my thermostat either on WiFi or 4g. The problem has occurred since Google got involved. My only solution is to change to Hive

Ajt8888 by Community Member
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