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Nest Thermostat with 2 stage heating system.

Community Member

So have a second home and would like to install a nest thermostat. We have one at out other home so I am familiar with them. Problem I see with this home is it has a 2 stage heating system. when it is 32 degrees or warmer you can use the heat pump for heating but when it gets colder there is a switch on the current thermostat to just run the electric heating system. Haven't purchased the nest thermostat for this home as I wanted to make sure it would work with this system. will see if I can attach a couple photos if that helps stat.jpgwires.jpg


Community Member

I have the similar setup in a home I'm remodeling. I'll follow this post, and let you know if I come up with the proper solution first. The good news is that a 3rd Gen Nest thermostat will work. I'm just trying to figure out if we get to keep 2-stage electric heat *and* emergency heat in conjunction with the heat pump. From what I've read so far, it looks like emergency heat might be addressable in the software. This might make your 8th wire (E) redundant