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Home/Away Assist, returning home always stuck in eco mode Read more

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Resolved! Heat link won’t follow schedule

This is RE to an issue I've opened a week ago... here.As you can see, that didn't help at all, unfortunately I only got a notification about this post after it being closed...So, copy pasting the exact same text, as it didn't get resolved - hopefully...

Screenshot 2022-01-19 at 09.52.23.png Screenshot_20220119-100526_Nest.jpg

Nest thermostat E displays delayed

My nest thermostat E is showing the message” delayed “even though I installed the c wire. (I bought a small transformer)I also checked the cables connections they all seems to be well connected. The thermostat shows that is getting 24v through the c ...

Jrome020 by Community Member
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door locked, app says unlocked

I already did a reset on the yale lock and re-downloaded the nest app. I started with the dead bolt unlocked when I started set up. The deadbolt is locked and the app says its unlocked. If I go int away mode it unlocks the door and says its locked. I...

Nest Thermostat heating

Wondering if someone can help me please. My Nest Thermostat just seems to do what it wants when it wants. The Thermostat is placed in the bedroom which is the warmest room in the house.1) When putting the Theostat on heat mode and setting up Schedule...

Pugh by Community Member
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Can’t connect 2nd thermostat to the app

I’m trying to connect a second Nest thermostat (2nd one is a 3rd gen learning thermostat, not sure about the first one) to a home but I keep getting error code TD030. I’ve read several posts of people with the same issue and apparently the fix is to ...

cffrank by Community Member
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E74 code no power to rh wire.

Just installed a new nest gen 3 learning thermostat on 01/14/2022 which went without a hitch and worked fine until this morning. My house was cold and my nest thermostat did not show any temperature. It had a e74 code, no power to RH wire. Reset my p...

Nest shutting off

I have a nest in a vacant rental property that I am renovating. There is no WiFi in the home. When the outside temperature is under freezing I like to set the thermostat to a warm setting to keep the home warm and prevent the pipes in the home from f...

Coldone by Community Member
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