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Nest E thermostat stuck on startup

I am trying to install a Nest Thermostat E for its first time and the device does not connect to the Nest app nor can I get into its settings. It shows the home screen for a while while blinking green then it makes on blink orange then goes to the mo...

JBooyTT by Community Member
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H72 error

Hello,I get an h72 message that my thermostat has no power. My header link doesn't work at all. Can someone help me?How long has your thermostat been installed for? spring 2019Did the issue happen during the installation? - NoIs there any error on th...

AlbertR by Community Member
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Setting up nest thermostat

The system is active the screen says continue set up Google home app.Now I can go to app and it tells me the current temp. What do I due next???

Wal1 by Community Member
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Uk nest e wont connect to phone for install

Any help gratefully accepted, I have a 3rd gen nest stat working fine.Bought a nest e for 2nd zone and it will not connect to my phone to let me install, cant see it with a BLE scanner either.Any ideas please?

Neet thermostat TH026 error

This thermostat is just a an overpriced paperweight. I brought 2 of them and had to send them back because they wouldn't connect to each other on Pixel 6. All google products and none them worked just kept getting a TH026 error. Google support were c...

Thorodon by Community Member
  • 8 replies
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Nest home app not showing any of my 6 devices

Up until last night all was fine. Last night none of my 6 nest devices (thermostats (2), Protect (3) and door bell didn't sow on my app. reinstalled the app and still no devices. Tried to add a thermostat, but the app asks for a code that is supposed...

epesh by Community Member
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No Heat

I live in Arizona. A couple nights ago we had freezing temperatures and we no longer have heat. I reset my settings and the nest thermostat so that I can run it manually. But again after I try to heat my home the Unit is still delivering cold air. Do...

85122 by Community Member
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Heatlink keeps disconnecting from thermostat

HiMy heatlink keeps disconnecting from my thermostat….Heat link light turns orange/yellow and disconnects from my thermostat constantly throughout the day. I have restarted and re installed to factory settings several times now to try to resolve. I h...