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Nest e not showing any signs of life on being plugged in.

Community Member

I've already sent one Nest e UK thermostat back to the seller, due to it not turning on. I was told to leave it on overnight but it had no sign of charging or turning on, even by morning.

I received a new one today and I am experiencing the same issue. It is plugged in but appears to be dead as a dodo.



Community Member

It took about 45 minutes but the Google logo appeared, then a charging symbol. Just noticed the display has gone off. Just pressed the display once and the charging symbol came on again.

Just tried double pushing the display and the Google logo came on and the the light flashed on top. After a few seconds it went back to the charging icon and the light stopped flashing on top. After a few seconds more the screen went of again and it appears to be dead, until I single press the display and the charging symbol comes on again. Will leave it for now.


 Got this now. Think we're gonna be okay!

Community Member

Nope, it's stubbornly refusing to connect to the Nest app or the Home app