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Nest heat link died

Community Member

2 days ago, my Nest Thermostat showed a “N72” error on it’s display. After some checks it appeared the Nest Heat Link stopped working.

Power source to the heat link is functioning properly, but none of the lights on the heat link will light up. Resetting (by pushing button on heat link for 10 and/or 20 seconds) doesn’t work.

Nest Thermostat and Heat Link are were installed in May 2020. Supplied warranty terms are pretty vague. Who can help me with this pickle?


Community Specialist
Community Specialist

Hi there @Lekkerbekkie


Thanks for letting us know 

Could you tell me please when did the situation start occurring first and when was the thermostat installed?

Also, please answer the following questions:

Are there any lights on the Heat Link? Does the boiler activate when calling for heat by pressing the Heat Link's button to activate Manual Mode?
Are you seeing any wiring report or message on the thermostat and/or the app?
Have you had any recent power cuts in your area? If yes, has the power been restored?
Have you recently had service or maintenance on your electrical, plumbing, or heating system?
If yes, how long was the power off for? (Be specific.)

Could you tell us please if you've checked on the breaker switch and fuse box?
Any blown fuse in there? Have you tried to turn the breaker switch off and on again? Any difference?

Hi there,

There are no lights active on heatlink; also no activity on boiler and thermostatclock. 
Also no recent maintenance, service or power cuts. No problems with breakerswitch/fusebox.

The heatlink just died! What do I do? I purchased the system in the spring of 2020.

My previous system did function more than 20 years…


Community Specialist
Community Specialist

Hi @Lekkerbekkie. Let me gather additional details to assist you further with the problem. I'll be sending you a private message using the email within your forum profile soon. Once you complete and submit the requested form sent to you on DM, please send a short reply on the public thread so I can search for it. Thanks again. 


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Community Specialist

Hey there. Just checking in. Do you still need our help?

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Community Specialist



Hi there again, just a reminder that I'm around if you need my help. Let me know.

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Community Specialist

Hey there, I haven't heard from you in a while so I'll be locking this thread. If you have any new issues, updates or just a discussion topic, feel free to start a new thread in the community. Thanks, AlexD.

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Hi there. I'm just following up on our last message. Do you still need our help? Keep us posted.