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Nest shutting off

Community Member

I have a nest in a vacant rental property that I am renovating. There is no WiFi in the home. When the outside temperature is under freezing I like to set the thermostat to a warm setting to keep the home warm and prevent the pipes in the home from freezing.   The screen is always orange. It will come on and stay on as long as someone is there in the home but if they leave the unit will eventually turn off and the home is ice cold when we return the next day. How can I fix the problem, and set the thermostat to a temperature it will remain on and warm the home as it should.


Community Specialist
Community Specialist

Hi Coldone, 



Thanks for reaching out and sorry for the delayed response. 


Since this Nest thermostat is not connected to a Wi-Fi network, any changes you want to do must be done manually. You may check on this link for more information on how to change your thermostat's temperature manually.