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Nest thermostat error e294

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I installed a thermostat on my 5 wire system and got the error message e294, no R wire detected.  I checked all my wiring, removed the thermostat from the app and did a factory reset several times, but got the same error.  I read in another post to connect the C wire but do not tell the device that it is connected in order to solve this problem, which seemed to work for a lot of people, but not for me.

I solved the problem by disconnecting the C wire and going through the setup again, telling setup that there was no C wire.  This worked, and we got heat just in time for the cold weather.


Community Specialist
Community Specialist



Thanks for reaching out, and for sharing what troubleshooting step resolves your concern. It looks like your power to the Nest Thermostat overflowed, that's why removing the additional source of power (C wire) fixed it. I suggest to continue monitoring your thermostat, and let us know if anything comes up, by creating a new thread, as we'll be willing to help.