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Nest thermostat history showing “no usage” incorrectly.

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This has been posted by others in the past but I can’t find a current thread or solution. Nest thermostat shows “no usage” in history on several days, if I click on the day where this is shown, the itemised usage stats are shown correctly. I have had nest for 5years now and this is a problem which keeps occurring. There was a note on one of the previous threads whist said this was a known issue in 2021 but it appears not to have been solved yet. I am in the UK and the thermostat is controlling a combi boiler.


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Just to contribute I have also been having the same no usage issue of recent and have just resorted to Google and can only see posts from 2021. Seems to have started when i joined the Google home preview.



But when you click on the days clearly shows usage. Rather frustrating when your trying to track you usage in a high energy price climate we live in.




Also just to note I have cleared cache and data.

Re installed the app.


Re booted the nest.


It's doing it on multiple of devices.


Everything is upto date.

No usage message on my app for last two days. No data showing if I click on no usage.. Have deleted app and reinstalled to no avail 

Mine is also showing no history for the last two days

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Same issue issue her. No usage. When I click, still no usuage

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No usage on mine for the last two days either but there is data if I click on it.

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This is happening to mine too for the past two days. 

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Super weird right ? Lets see what we see for today … Google need to fix this asap otherwise whats the point if having this to track your usage 

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Also no usage for the last 2 days

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Same here “No Usage” when i click no info either , have it for 2 years and just now this is happening 

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Same here "No Usage" when I click!  No info for the last 2 days!  What is going on??