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Nest thermostat temperature sensor is wrong

Community Member

I've recently noticed my best temperature is off.  I have two other thermometers reading 1-2 degrees celcius less than the nest. 

This wasn't an issue in previous years using it but has been in recent months. Potentially attributed to the 6.2-22 update.  


I've reset the nest. I've restarted the nest and I get different results.  It is 21 inside right now and after a reboot I got a reading of 25.  Waited an hour and it went to 24 while it was still 21 in the house. I then disconnected the display from the base and replugged it and it showed 22.5.  


Seeing as this is a 4 yr old unit I'm off warranty and honestly very upset that a 3-400 dollar investment fails to serve its primary purpose.  I love the nest features but having a faulty sensor is a huge issue

There are a ton of users complaining about wrong temperature readings hoping Google reads these....  The latest update needs to be fixed or rolled back.  


- Sunblock is off 

- mounted in hallway away from rads/vents 

- no heat coming from wall