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New Thermostat only does in Google Home

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I already have one Nest thermostat it shows in google home and the Nest app. I have just installed a new one (looks like a mirror), and it is only showing in the Home app. I like the Nest app much more than the Home app. I would really like all of my Nest accessories in one place.


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Uninstall the Home app from your phone or tablet.
Then try configuring the newly installed Nest as a New Device in your app.
Nest App - new device.

I already tried to install using the Nest app, it just redirected me to the Home app. It actually asked me to download the Home app even though it is already installed.

Mine is doing the same thing. I have Google home, the thermostat is showing up in Google home but I can't add it on the nest app and it keeps going to eco mode when I'm home. I'm getting really sick of freezing because of this thermostat and no support.

I manually set schedules for my existing thermostat and my new one anyway. You can still set the schedules an under preferences in the home app, it is just less user friendly in my opinion.

I have it set to a schedule

Sleep (63F), Eco (60F), Comfort (69F)


Sleep 11p-6a, Comfort 6a-7:30a, Eco 7:30a-3p, comfort 3p-11p


Sleep 11p-7:30a

Comfort 7:30a-11p

That's our basic schedule. Sometimes I have a day off work during the week or my daughter has a day off school though and the thermostat isn't figuring out that we are still home so it keeps turning it into eco when we are home.

I thought I'd the schedule is set, it doesn't try do the learning.

I didn't know that, maybe that's the issue then. Guess I'll try that out and see if it works. I'm not sure how it knows when it should go to sleep though. Having better directions on how to use it with the set up would be helpful.

Community Specialist
Community Specialist

Hey everyone,


I just wanted to follow up and see if anyone is still in need of help? Please let me know, as I would be happy to answer any questions you may have.


Best regards,


It seems to have been answered, the Nest App works with one of my thermostat models, but not the other. There isn't anything that I can do about it, unfortunately it is just the way Google has it set up.

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Community Specialist

Hi keithterry1980,


Thanks for the update and it's great to hear that your question has been answered.


If you have any other questions, please write it up here at the Google Nest Community by creating a new thread as I locked this one now..


Best regards,


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Maybe that was a misunderstanding. Sorry.

Pleae uninstall the Google Home app before installing the Nest app.
If necessary, go into your Google Account and remove the Nest devices there as well.
Do not try to add both devices to your account at the same time. Please do one at a time.


I have installed my previous devices all the same way no problem. I have had both apps for months. I have had a camera and thermostat since last year. I'm just adding a new Thermostat tonight, I already installed it, working fine. It just doesn't show in the Nest app like everything else has in the past.

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Sorry, you didn't mention that there are other Nest products already registered on your account.
I thought it was just the two Nest thermostats.
Normally it should be possible to add more devices in the Nest App or Google Home App.
Once a device is registered and connected in one of the apps, it should be visible in the other app as well.
Google syncs all data in real time.

Once your Nest device is installed and active, you can connect it to Google Home through the Google Home app. Keep your Nest device powered on while connecting it to the Google Home app.

Start by opening your Google Home app. You’ll see all the existing devices connected to your Google Assistant Your Nest device will be visible once it’s connected.

From here, select the plus sign at the top left corner of the screen. This icon will allow you to add a device to your Google Home system.

The new device is already connected to Google Home, it just isn't showing up on Nest.