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Can’t reset Nest thermostat

Nest thermostat has been installed and works properly for almost a year. It was blinking green light on top of the thermostat from last night. Based on Help of the Nest, The thermostat was unplugged and recharged. WiFi router was restarted. The light...

MHC by Community Member
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Connecting to Wi-Fi

Trying to connect to Wi-Fi with a new thermostat. The thermostat is not located at our primary home. Set up in the app tells me I need to be close to my doorbell camera in order to finish set up, but that is in a different city. When trying to comple...

Bmill15 by Community Member
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Heat Link stopped working

I have 230V going in to the heat link, but no lights. I have tried the 30 second reset.

Dan74 by Community Member
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How do I log a complaint with nest?

I had a nest system installed by the house builders. I moved in my house in May 2019 and since that time every so often the thermostat would stop working and go offline. Flashing green or red. Each time I have followed the troubleshooting system whic...

MissClare by Community Member
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Nest thermostat e stuck at first screen

Hi all, I have two thermostat e's, one works perfectly the other I have had for under two weeks.In that time it has consistently disconnected repeatedly off WiFi (it's under a metre from the hub). I have tried everything stated by the help site and d...

Robv by Community Member
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low temp alert and return to normal temp alerts

when i look at my messages sometimes only the return to temp alerts show and not the low temp warning, while other times the low temps do show. am i doing something wrong or is this a bug?also sometimes the date and times show on the messages and oth...

NWGale by Community Member
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Nest keeps raising temp

I have turned auto schedule and home/away assist off and have reset auto schedule to clear it. Still, randomly it jumps to 72 even if I'm not home. I am trying to use the 7 day schedule and have 65 listed from 8am to 4pm, but it jumps today it went t...

caisson1 by Community Member
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