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Temperature Sensor Issue

I currently use a remote sensor to register the ambient temperature in the room. Every once in a while, there will be a glitch and the temperature sensor reverts to the using thermostat instead of the remote sensor. On both the app (iOS) and the base...

d_cappy by Community Member
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Fan Speeds

I have a Mitsubishi Model SEZ-KD12NA4R1.TH Indoor Unit and also control Oil Heat Forced Hot Water zoned system.There is also a Mitsubishi PAC-US444CN-1 thermostat interface unit. How can I wire the thermostat so that I have control for the fan speed?

Jebb by Community Member
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Minimum/Maximum Temp settings

I wish that anyone in my house can adjust temperature on thermostat but only to a minimum or maximum temperature. Turning cool setting to 55 should not be an option!I prefer the minimum setting on the cooler be no less than 70! Please advise!

Jeff1 by Community Member
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My heat link is not powering

My heat link is not powering, tried switching on and off.tried also to reset the heat link by pressing the middle circle button link .please let me know how could you help

rui42 by Community Member
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HVAC running outside but fan won’t auto start

I’ve just installed the Google Nest Thermostat but am having trouble with the fan and HVAC unit itself. For some reason the unit outside will kick on but no air will blow unless the fan is changed to manual mode for a certain amount of time.Why isn’t...

Nest Thermostat stopped recognizing C wire

My Nest Thermostat has worked fine for about a month, then suddenly shows an error code stating that there is no power to the C wire. Any information on why this would happen?

AnnD by Community Member
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Nest Heat Link 2nd Gen no lights

Hi, My thermostat cannot connect to the Heat Link. I have had a look and there is no lights on the Heat Link. I have tried pressing the nest button for 10 and 20 secs with no change. Does this need replaced? Thanks

GarethH by Community Member
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No power to RH wire or Cool wire issue

I have first connected the wires, yellow -Y1, red to Rh, green to G and white to W1 according to instructions then I got e80 error, so I connected blue wire to C port and now I started getting no power to RH port.I tried changing the power source fro...

Likitha by Community Member
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Thermostat Wi-Fi connection problem

Months ago I started having the /w5 connection error and I cannot access it from my phone anymore. I’ve tried resetting and restarting the thermostat to no avail. The software on it is the 6.1.1-21 updated Aug. 31 so maybe the software update being s...

KKerwin3 by Community Member
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