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No network found

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Thermostat was able to connect to my previous router. When I upgraded to a new router the thermostat is unable to find the wi-fi network. The error on the app is TD004 (0.65). I have done the following:

  • Factory reset on thermostat
  • Reset wifi router
  • Reset thermostat

Wifi network is set up with both 2.4g and 5g. No other devices in my home are encountering the issue.


Community Member

You will need to pair the heat link box with the router if you’ve got a new router. The heat link box is the brains of the nest and where it connects, learns and controls it all. There is a pairing code on the bottom of the heat link box, you may need to unscrew the cover to get it. How you pair it depends on your thermostat model, if you look up pairing heat link that should help



sorry for late reply. with the previous router itself (which is working earlier) I am seeing No Networks Found TD004 (0.65) error. i tried pairing multiple times following the instructions again and again but of no use. All of a sudden its started not working. please suggest

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All of the sudden my thermostat quit connecting to the Wi-Fi. It’s the only device in my home that can’t connect. Can anyone assist? I’ve restarted the router, the therm., and removed the device from my nest app. Now I can’t get it installed back on the app because it won’t connect to the Wi-Fi. Please help!

Have you tried resetting the heatlink? That’s the brains of the whole system and the bit that actually connects to the wifi. If you have done that, have you tried resetting the thermostat completely to factory settings and starting from scratch as if it’s a new install? That may help but if that doesn’t work you may need to speak to Google. I contacted them on Facebook and honestly they completely exceeded my expectations, they were excellent. If you’ve tried all that, you may need a new one or they may replace it under warranty if it’s fairly new. Good luck!!