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Radiators on after power cut

Community Member

Last night my radiators turned on despite the fact that my third generation nest thermostat had the heating set to off. There was a power cut the night before and the heat link had all three lights illuminated. I pressed the button on the heat link and the light turned to yellow. As I didn't want to heat the house when it was already at 25° I turned the radiators off at the boiler and at least this stopped them from heating.

This morning I have reset the boiler and so far the radiators haven't heated up. The heat link now has a green light.

I'd like to know why this happened to avoid it happening again


Community Specialist
Community Specialist

Hi there, thanks for reaching out! I'm sorry for the inconvenience this might have caused you. In this situation, the manual mode might have been triggered by the power cut, or if you pressed the button while the power was off. 

Community Specialist
Community Specialist

Hi there, just checking in with you. Did you manage to check the last message?

Community Specialist
Community Specialist

Since I haven't heard from you in a while, I'll close this thread, but no worries, you can always open a new one in case you need our assistance. Have a good one and stay safe!