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Stop Nest Thermostat changing to high temperature

Community Member

My thermostat upstairs (I also have one downstairs) keeps adding in a random 23.5’C temperature into it’s schedule. I keep having to delete this.

I don’t understand why it keeps doing it (I never have the temperature on either thermostat above 21’C, and upstairs is never above 19’C).

I have had the thermostats for a few months now so would have expected the learning feature to have levelled out by now.

Any ideas? I know I can just turn off the learning element, but surely that will mean I’ve wasted money on purchasing one that learns?

Maybe I don’t understand the learning element of the thermostats entirely?


Community Member

Same here! I’ve never change the temperature over 70 at night and you’d think the “smart learning” would do its job. I’ve had it 2 years and never have changed it over 70 at night. Yet it keeps on trying to change it  at midnight to sweltering temp.

Community Member

Me too.  I set the temp to 64 degrees at night, and it turns itself up to 68!  HELP!