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Troubleshooting a Nest Thermostat

Community Member

I will be amazed and grateful if someone can solve this one. At the moment I had to take down the Nest Thermostat and reinstall the ancient Carrier thermostat that came with the place. Here are the facts:

1- Condo unit with forced air heat and cooling.

2- wires are W1/O/B, Y1, G, R, C

3- after I first installed the Nest Thermostat it attempted to cool the condo while I was away but instead triggered heat and got the place up to 101° 🙄

4- in response I switched the W1 & Y1 wires. This allowed the Nest to provide heat when called for. But when cooling was called for it would only run the fan.

5- With the old thermostat reinstalled the air conditioning works fine.

So can someone in here figure this one out? I really want to have a smart thermostat but at the moment it is looking like I need to return or Ebay my Nest Thermostat.

Happy to answer any other questions as well as I can. Thank you!!!