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Bluetooth pairing a speaker to play audible

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I want to listen to an audible book on my google Home Nest wifi speaker.  I undertsand I have to pair using Bluetooth which I do ,but immediately after asking Google to open Bluetooth paring and connecting on my iPhone the WiFi speaker says something went wrong.  Wifi speaker said Ok to open pairing, Speaker on iPhone appears and I connect , then speaker says something went wrong.  Could Google tell me what went wrong.  I have 2 Google routers and three speakers and considering sending  the whole lot back.  They dont work as described.  Cannot connect my Firestick either.  Probably Google not that interested as they have billions and not overly interested in customer issues or whether I send the stuff back.



This is a community forum, you won't get an answer from Google here.  You need to use the Google Home app to ask for Google support's help.

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