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How to connect Google nest router to vodafone gigabit modem

Hi, not a technical expert so hoping I can get advice here. Just took delivery of Google WiFi nest router and point. Looking to set up a mesh system. When I disconnect the vodafone router from the modem and connect the nest router I’m unable to conne...

CQu1nn by Community Member
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New router

I changed my broadband provider and can’t now connect my google nest. The instructions on the internet say open settings and scroll down to google nest- it’s not there so I’m a bit stuck. Can anyone help please? Thank you.

ISD by Community Member
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Google Nest devices

Hi everybody,as an Android user, I would like to know if Google Nest devices as THREAD CERTIFIED PRODUCTS(listed here: are currently supporting Thread ( low-power wireless mesh networking pr...

Martin3 by Community Member
  • 12 replies
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Resolved! Cannot connect 3 comercial WiFi devices to Nest WiFi

I have a Orbit b-Hyve irrigation controller and Starfish (Satco) LED strips and neither will connect to my Nest WiFi network! Both of them will connect to the Xfinity WiFi router I have in my house. I have tried many times and can never connect these...

bgroppo by Community Member
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Samsung tv and Nest Wi-Fi

My Samsung smart tv (1 year old) shows weak connection on app but not on tv. The tv is unwatchable with pixelation and buffering and a terrible picture. We only use streaming apps. The tvs upstairs and gaming console work great. The Samsung tv is not...

Chrissyb by Community Member
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Nest not connecting to modem

I have a Nest Wifi and a Netgear CM2000 cable modem with Comcast as ISP. About once a month my "internet" goes out - that is what is reported in the Wifi tab in Google Home app. If I disconnect the Nest from the modem and wire a laptop directly to th...

MU2228 by Community Member
  • 6 replies
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Devices insist on connecting to Router rather than Wifi Point

I had to choose a Platform to categorize this post, however this applies to Devices running Android, Windows, and ChromeOS.We have a package Nest Wifi Router and Point. The Router is upstairs and the Point is downstairs. Most devices insist on connec...

Bobh63 by Community Member
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Google Mesh 2.4Ghz

My August WIFI keeps dropping internet connection every since I moved to the Google Nest. My August WIFI needs to stay on 2.4G but I think it's bouncing off and on 2.5 to 5G. I do not see anyplace where I can lock it to 2.4G?

NtWrkGeek by Community Member
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Best Wi-Fi fails to connect during set up

Hello,over the last 3 months my Neat Wi-Fi disconnects and I have to factory reset to get it to work. Now I’m trying to set it up again and it’s failing to connect and or failing to create network. I have internet at the modem, this is super frustrat...

Sjasa by Community Member
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