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Cannot add additional Google wifi hub to the router

Community Member

I've had my Google wifi for years and it's worked fine.  A few months ago I migrated it to the new Google Home app and my wifi router and 2 hubs were all there and configured correctly.  A week ago I noticed that my wifi network had disappeared from Google home but it continued to work.  Then a few days ago the router was stilll showing as available but lost it's internet connection, this was resolved by power down and back up all the Wifi devices (3).  But now I'm trying to get the wifi device back into the Home app.  After reseting the wifi router primary device via factory reset I was able to get that back into Google home.  But now when I factory reset the hub it tries gets to the point where it says "preparing mesh", scan the QR code, connecting to Wifi, do you want to join setup.,,?, Google Home wants to join wifi network setupC5... (hit join),  connecting to wifi (at this point my iPhone wifi apparently switches to setup.,. network (I'm not using iOS private relay service or anything other on my phone)), connection failed!

I've been able to go through these steps several times, powered off the hub, and it always says connection failed (and at that point the phone is on the setup... network).