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Configuring AT&T BGW210-700 to work with Nest WiFi (3 pack)

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Can someone kind,y provide instructions on how I can configure an AT&T BGW210-700 Gateway to work with a Nest Wi-Fi 3 pack?  The support people at AT&T don’t seem very knowledgeable and don’t seem to have an interest in getting their equipment to work with Nest WiFi. It was relatively easy for me to previously set things up with Xfinity when I was using my own modem, but the AT&T gateway is a bit more complicated for a novice such as myself. Thanks in advance for any assistance you can offer. 


Gold Product Expert
Gold Product Expert

Hey @Kharlamov17 .

Using any wifi device outside of what an ISP provides for fiber can be tricky as they don't tend to like losing rental fees.

In order to use Nest Wifi with your AT&T fiber, you will have to remove the AT&T device completely from the network in most cases and connect the ONT directly to the Nest Wifi (some ONT configuration may need to be made). In the case you can turn off features on the AT&T device, you will have to disable numerous settings like DHCP, wifi, routing, etc. and bridge the device to the Nest Wifi. Now, if you have TV and/or phone service as well, it can be trickier if not impossible depending on the package you have.

Do you have TV and/or phone service with them also?

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Thank you, @PatrickP_Viking,


I don’t have any TV service from AT&T.  I do have AT&T cellular service, but don’t think it’s dependent on the AT&T gateway. 

I apologize for my ignorance, but can you please confirm whether “ONT” refers to Optical Netwotk Terminal (I,e. In my case, the AT&T Fiber Gateway)?

Also, can you confirm that bridging would support a configuration involving a three pack of Nest WiFi devices?  If I understand correctly, we essentially just want the AT&T gateway to act as a pass through and have the main Nest device manage the network. 

Thank you again for your assistance. 


Hey @Kharlamov17 .

According to the modem's data sheet, there should be a separate ONT. The fiber connection from outside terminates at the ONT and an Ethernet cable then goes from the ONT to the AT&T router/modem.

Theoretically, you can disable wifi on the AT&T modem, disable DHCP, and enable pass through but others have had issues with the AT&T device reverting settings back or suddenly disabling the connection to Nest Wifi devices. If you want to try it, I cannot say if it will be stable.

Since you do not have phone or TV from AT&T, you should be able to connect the ONT via Ethernet to the Nest Wifi and then follow the setup in the Google Home app. I'd remove the power cord from both the ONT and the Nest Wifi, connect them via Ethernet, and then replace the power cable on the ONT followed by the Nest Wifi.

Let me know if either are successful or if you need further assistance.

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Community Specialist

Hi everyone,

I appreciate your assistance, @PatrickP_Viking.

@Kharlamov17, thanks for posting. I want to check if you still need help. Please tell me if you have other questions or concerns. I want to ensure you're all sorted out.