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Duplicate Google Wifi Point - 1 shows connected, 1 shows offline - how to fix

Community Member

I had to update my Google OnHub to a Google Nest Wifi Router recently due to a lightning strike that fried the ethernet connection of the OnHub (would have needed to replace anyway due to upcoming deprecation). 

In the process of doing so, 1 of the Wifi points would not reconnect so I factory reset it and re-added to the network. However it now shows that same access point twice in the Home app as follows:


  • Google Wifi router
    • Computer Room - Offline
  • Google Wifi router
    • Computer Room - Good connection

This point is hard-wired, and I'd like to be able to remove the "Offline" version from the Home app. Is there any way? Since that specific point shows offline, there's no setting option to remove it.

I'm wondering if I need to remove the connected one, or if I'm going to have to reset the whole darn network?