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dramaticly slow upload speed when prioritizing a device

Hi i noticed that since a few weeks, possible since the March update, when I prioritize a device, the upload speed is dramatically negatively affected:i havea Gigabit internet provider (Fiber SFR in France)- speedtest when not prioritizing download 3...

4ltus by Community Member
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Unable to edit WAN settings with Google Home app using Android

I have attempted to use the Google Home app to change my Google Wifi WAN settings from PPPoE to Static so my friend and I can set up a Minecraft server. I've made many attempts, switching between two android devices.When I remove ethernet cable from ...

Nest WiFi System - Google Home App Completely Wrong

I have now installed Nest WiFi in 3 homes. My latest installation is in a large house and nearby shop. We have a router and 5 points. 2 of the points show weak connection and the other 3 show offline, but all of them work. They play music, answer que...

2nd router lan port no connectivity

I have 2 routers and 3 points, all nest Wi-Fi. 1 router connected to wan as NAT.All other as bridge of course.2nd router is not connected to wan, (so wireless only) it has a switch connected to it via its Lan port. All the downstream get no ip from d...

Can't connect Nest WiFi point

I got a brand new Nest WiFi Router and 1 x point today.The Router set up perfectly without any issues. The Point powered up fine, then announced itself and said to set up through the home up (which is where I set up the router). When trying to add it...

djp1981 by Community Member
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Google Nest Guest Network - cannot connect unless unplugging one point

Main network works fine, but i have to unplug one of my 3 points for anybody to connect to Guest Wifi.If I plug it back in, i'm thrown off and on 4G.. at least if in vicinity (which is hard to avoid when connecting to power)It's the mid point and pro...

ECorn by Community Member
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New setup with points that were working now show "Weak Connection"

I have a week old setup after switching from a netgear router over to one nest router , 2 nest points and one old google Wifi that has cat5e backhaul. A few days ago in the home app doing the mesh test they would all show as great connection. The nes...

sddreiter by Community Member
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Gaming on Mesh Wifi

Hello, I am looking to decrease my lag while gaming. My family uses google mesh wifi, connects a switch into it, and then my pc is hardwired into the switch. I'm wondering if it would be possible for me to use my own router (that can set speed limits...

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