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Wifi connection

I’m trying to connect to Google Home but it keeps saying it can’t connect to wifi although I am connected.

agtz53 by Community Member
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CenturyLink Modem + Nest Wifi

I have CenturyLink internet (C4000XG modem/router). I've previously had my modem connected to my Nest Wifi but I recently moved and cannot get reconnected. I've reset both devices multiple times. I have turned on Transparent Bridging on the modem and...

brenna1 by Community Member
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Still need a modem with Google Fiber?

I am setting up my new nest mesh wifi units and was told that I do not need to plug the unit into a modem if we have Google Fiber. Is this true or do I still need to plug into an existing modem?

Can Google Nest WiFi be Integrated with Google Mesh?

I have recently installed Google Nest WiFi with two points and it is working well. I need a wired connection to my music server and am wondering if I can connect a Mesh Point (1st gen.) to my Nest system. The points on Mesh first gen. have ethernet o...

audio52 by Community Member
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Wi-Fi extension

I have a google mesh Wi-Fi system and need to connect a new google home pod to it.I can’t get the new pod to connect to my existing network. It only works when connected with Ethernet cord and wants to create it’s one new network

Bear_s75 by Community Member
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devices loose connectivity

upgraded from nest gen1 1200 series to 4 new 2200s. rebuilt WiFi completely. having issues with devices in house just loosing network connectivity now.

keenumm by Community Member
  • 14 replies
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