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Epson ET-3850 printer constantly disconnects from Google Nest with hubs after inactivity.

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Works flawlessly until printer is idle for a day or 2.  This happens with a Chromebook, a Windows laptop, and a Mac laptop.  I can even print from an Android phone.  Nevertheless, eventually the printer has to be restarted and/or the laptop has to be restarted to remedy the situation.  The Google Nest and hubs were set up professionally.  People usually mention printer drivers, but that is certainly not the problem when using a Chromebook because there are none.  I have also seen it mentioned that laptop sleep modes sometimes disconnect printers but really? If the printer is connected to the network and the laptop is connected to the network, why do the 2 eventually decide the other does not exist?


Diamond Product Expert
Diamond Product Expert

Hi @surfercharlie60 

You might want to reach out to Epson and see if there are any firmware updates for the printer. Your printer seems to have a deep sleep mode that is disconnecting so check to see if you can adjust that.

You could also use an ethernet wire to connect the printer to your router.  

Here's an older thread with a unique workaround:  Epson ET3850 printer constantly disconnects from t... - Google Nest Community