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Google Nest Pro speed problems

Community Member

Hello everyone.

I recently purchased 4 google nest pro 6e units for my home.

When setting the units up, I came across two problems.


The first one- speed problems:

I connected the main unit directly to my modem via ethernet cable. The light is stable white and in the app everything is set. BUT- when testing out connection speed while in front of the unit (5 meters of distance) I get 200mbps, instead of 1000mbps that the modem transfers.


The second one- ethernet backhaul malfunction:

When trying to connect the other units via ethernet backhaul, the device is not able to complete its setup and is stuck in orange signaling light. The only way it lets my connect the other units is via wireless backhaul, which is less effective and efficient.


I would really love is someone have some wisdom to share with, since I am very frustrated with the google nest at the moment, and considering switching to tplink's deco mesh systems...

Thank you to everyone!


Community Member

The wifi pro  routers are piece of junk . return them asap . time waste to connect with google support