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Google wifi cannot setup

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I've been trying to get my google wifi looked at by an engineer for weeks and weeks and weeks. Every time I start a conversation with google they just stop responding. 

Last week an engineer finally told me to "Factory reset" the device since then I've been unable to setup the device and have been without internet for 5 days. I work from home as a casual so require internet to work. Sat on the phone with a google engineer for 4 hours no resolve. Was talking via email to engineers 1 day in they stopped responding all together.

Currently google is costing me every day I cannot work and because I cannot work I do not have the money to go get another router from the shop, google has caused me to miss bill payments, not have enough money for grocieres etc. This is all thanks to googles engineer bricking my router which was previously working, my issue was initially only with the wifi node not the main router.

Worst customer service ever. I used to be a fan of google products literally every product in my house is google. However due to the poor support and not willing to do anything to resolve the issue I can never ever recommend another google product and will never be using their products again. I will be selling all my google products just to pay my bills. 


Platinum Product Expert
Platinum Product Expert

Why have you been unable to set up your device, what error message do you get?

How have you connected it all? To understand the issue one need details like what modem, cables, other equipment (switches, routers). What ports is connected to where, etc.

How do you get internet in to your house? Fiber, DSL, coax. What happens if you connect a PC directly to your modem, bypassing the Nest Wifi, do you get an internet connection? What IP address do you get?

Here are some relevant guides:

I don't work for Google.

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Hi, I sat on the phone with the google engineer for 4 hours. It uses PPPOE no matter what we did while on the phone to the engineer it would always just flicker through the menus when setting up via the standard methods. It would never prompt for PPPOE and would just pop through asking you to setup the wifi etc. After you do that it would say "Your nest wifi setup failed" and or "Something went wrong" the device was working perfectly fine until GOOGLE BRICKED IT... Now I'm unable to work and it is costing me heaps of money of which I will be taking legal action for the damages. 

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