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Get to know Google Nest Wifi Pro (Wi-Fi 6E) Read more

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Resolved! Google WiFi Commission With FiOS WiFi?

I will be upgrading from a FiOS router/WiFi with WiFi repeaters to a multi-point Google WiFi mesh system.I would like to get the Google WiFi up and running along with the FiOS WiFi at the same time. That way I can switch over all of my WiFi-connected...

WIS by Community Member
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Can not change device name in Wifi- iOS

I can not change my device name in the wifi device list. I can change the name, but when I save it or hit the back button I get the following error message, “ an error has occurred when updating your device name. Please try again in a few seconds”. I...

Chuyksd11 by Community Member
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Resolved! More than one router in a mesh network?

I currently have a Google Nest network, consisting of a router and two points. I would like to stream audio on a device that requires an ethernet input. Can I add a second router into the existing mesh network?

discus99 by Community Member
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Nest WiFi cloud services

Why does @Jeff recommend Nest WiFi cloud services ON? Mine is off and Nest works fine. I don't want to use cloud services. Thanks for reply.From Jeff's reply linked below:"Open the Google Home app.Tap the WiFi icon.Tap Settings.Select Privacy setting...

Mike83725 by Community Member
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Epson ET-2820

Hi, I’ve just bought this printer, but it can not see my Mesh network. So I can’t connect it to WIFi. I”ve never had any problems with any other printers or devices seeing my network. Any advice would be great.

Crucial by Community Member
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HP 7520 all-in-one printer will not connect to Wi-Fi.

My hp 7520 all-in-one printer finds the network but will not connect with the google Wi-Fi. Error report says MAC address no filtering - fail. Everything else set up with no problem. Help please

Zabswish by Community Member
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Resolved! Mixing nest and google wifi hardware. Home app not working.

I’ve been dreading this day for a while. I had (well have) 2 google mesh wifi points that worked flawlessly for years. Now i need more coverage so i bought the nest wifi 2 pack. Now the wifi app i know is gone, the Google Home app seems to have attem...

Commissioning a Tesla Gen 3 wall charger

I'm trying to commission a Tesla Gen 3 wall charger. After completing the required tasks, it still does not want to connect to the internet. It suggests that I disable the WPA3 setting. Would someone please explain how to do this?

champ7ac by Community Member
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