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Resolved! Connecting Google Point to Verizon LTEHome Router

I am trying to complete the set-up for the Google Nest Router. Every time I try to continue, the LTE Router drops its own wifi and connects to the Google wifi. I have tried using Google Home on my iPad and my Android.--More info--I have had to restar...

bc23 by Community Member
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Mesh points weak or off line

I have had my Google Mesh wifi for a few years now. I have 3 mesh points. One near my router and two spread throughout our house.I have always had great connectivity until recent.Mymesh device near router is good… very strong signal. My next nearest ...

CheeserP by Community Member
  • 7 replies
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Administration of multiple Wifi SSIDs

I need to add WiFi to 12 rental apartments, so I thought about using 4x 3-pack of Google Wifi for it.The question I am thinking of;Can I admin 12 Google Wifi devices separately (not as a mesh) with the Google Home app without using them as a mesh?I'd...

Chromecast nor nest max connect to wifi

To get Wi-Fi access in an office, it’s similar to getting free wifi at say an airport you click on their Wi-Fi and it sends you to a page where you have to put in your details for them to then grant you permission we initially did this with my iPad w...

AJH67 by Community Member
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Connecting External HD to Nest Wifi Via Ethernet

Hey guys, I just want to check to see if I’m correct.I have a wester Digital My Cloud Home Personal Cloud Storage NAS 6 Tb Ethernet LAN…If I connect this via the spare USB port on the Nest Router, will I be able to assess this HD on my network. This ...

TroyT by Community Member
  • 5 replies
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Nest WiFi off line but working

My WiFi nest router and points indicate to be off line, but I do have internet (sometimes weak). Have unplugged the nest router and also restarted the network and points. Problem remains the same.

Jaron by Community Member
  • 6 replies
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Trying to use Google Nest Router as point

I have a Nest mesh network and am trying to use a router as an additional point. Every time I try to add it to the network, it initially seems to join the network, but as it is setting up, it tries to start a new network. How do I get it to join my e...

IPV6 Not Working

Hi, my original Google WiFi isn’t working with IPV6. I hadn’t used the system for a while, and a few weeks ago I plugged it in, the routers connected to the internet fine AND gave me IPV6 fine, however the routers were not showing in the Google Home ...

MarkyR74 by Community Member
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Youtube is not working using Google Wifi

I have Google Nest Wifi connected to my router. Everything was working great, until couple of weeks ago, YouTube stopped working when i use the Google WiFi - it's getting stuck on buffering. In contrast, using my router WiFi (not Google's) works seam...

barak1413 by Community Member
  • 17 replies
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