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How do I block devices from my router and remove them entirely?

Community Manager (Admin)
Community Manager (Admin)
Disclaimer: This thread was migrated from our previous version of the Google Nest Community.  You can continue to receive updates on your thread issue here or simply ask, browse or more in the new Google Nest Community.
Original Poster: StaceyM
I'm trying to remove unknown devices from reaccessing my wifi. I've ready paused them. Now I want to block and remove from my devices list. All my other routers allowes this (Eero, Surfboard, TP-Link). Does the Google access point not allow it? If not -- I will need to switch to a more secure router because there are a LOT of unknown devices on my network I'm concerned about.

Community Manager (Admin)
Community Manager (Admin)
Hey Stacey,
Thank you for posting in our forum. We are aware of this happening and are working with our team to see what we can do. Just a heads up, we do have multiple threads going on this same topic. To make things a bit easier and so that everyone can get all of the updates, we're going to go ahead and mark this thread as a duplicate. Moving forward, please refer to the First Thread posted about the topic, where we will be tracking the issue and posting updates.

- From James (Community Specialists)