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Nest wifi randomly goes offline

Nest hubs keep going offline. Getting some Google help is virtually impossible. I have confirmed it’s not my internet provider.I have done all the usual trouble shooting tips. I suspect it’s the router itself….. but who knows. how do I get this sorte...

2 Google Nest routers on one mesh network

I have one Google Nest router with two access points creating a mesh network in my house. 500Mb Cable internet comes into house in the cellar and is then split to every room in the house via ethernet cable. The router is connected to one of these eth...

zurichrich by Community Member
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Nest wifi router points offline

I just purchased a 3 point Nest WiFi system and set it up. The main router point is transmitting the wifi signal just fine but the other 2 are showing offline. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

MarkJ69 by Community Member
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Nest Wifi absolute garbage after 6 months

I was so excited about the Nest Mesh Wifi system. Had trouble right from the start but then everything settled down. I was receiving upload speeds around 800, and download speeds around 850 for 5 months. Then out of no where last week it had serious ...

Taralyn by Community Member
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Nest WIFI issues with some services

Since a believe the last update last month I have several issues with specific services / apps. First my FireTv's don't work well with Amazon content, takes a long time to load videos. Other serves like netflix work fine. I have 3 fire Tv's and they ...

kj301 by Community Member
  • 7 replies
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Nest wifi shows offline but internet working

My nest system was slowing my internet so google support tried a bunch of stuff and finally a factory reset to fix the speed but this has created a worse problem. after factory reset even though internet works it says offline, it therefore won’t let ...

amjo by Community Member
  • 4 replies
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Cannot use OpenVPN

I used OpenVPN to connect my company's website with previous wifi router.But after I connected with Google Wifi, then the OpenVPN client is not working.I tried "Tunnelblick" and "OpenVPN connect" with ".ovpn" credentials. This screen capture is log o...

YMK_0-1652091801755.jpeg YMK_1-1652091820910.jpeg
YMK by Community Member
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Google Nest LAN port not working

I want to run all my ethernet through a switch that would be connected to the Google Nest Router. I set up my Google Nest Wifi and the wifi portion works well and was easy to set up but I am unable to get an unmanaged 8 port switch to work with the N...

ZenMaster by Community Member
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Problem with WiFi connection

I halfway five in my home my computer are working my phone are connected to Wi-Fi for some reason google nurse told me that doesn’t have connection to the Wi-Fi I don’t know what I have to do

maggie226 by Community Member
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