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Port Forward not working

Hi,I purchased a 3 pack Mesh( Nest wifi pro) from Google. Everything is working except port forward. I do not have a router in between the mesh and the ISP. I only use the products from Google. When I used the router provided by the ISP the port forw...

Seyedx by Community Member
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Why does home app says my wifi point is working well but it’s red?

Home app says that my wifi point is connected and working well however the nest is red and the computer connected to it has no connection. The main wifi point has connections as I’m able to connect my phone to the wifi. Any idea how do I resolve this...

Nestgg by Community Member
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Can nest wifi automatically assign new devices to a Family Wifi group?

I have the family wifi feature setup on my nest wifi, model H2D. This allows for safe search and internet time limits. The trouble is that new phones use randomized mac by default. Every time a phone changes its mac address, it can connect to the net...

cormode by Community Member
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Can device on Family Wi-Fi access Guest Wi-Fi

I recently set up Family Wi-Fi and created a group called "Kids" and added all the kids' devices in this group. I set up a schedule so that they can not go online at night (during bedtime). I also have a Guest Wi-Fi setup.Can my kids sneak around and...

graffixx by Community Member
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Resolved! Unsure if new wifi point working.

I have had google wifi for a while. The wifi connection to my Samsung TV always worked but it buffered a lot. So tonight I successfully added an additional wifi point which google home says ‘has a great connection’. The new connection is in between m...

MishL by Community Member
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Google WiFi device history past 30 days

One of my MacBooks that I don’t use very often has gone missing sometime in the last 2 months and I’m trying to get a timeline of when it last connected to the router. Through the google home app under devices I can only go back by 30 days, but I nee...

AP's are disconnecting

I have a Nest router + 4 AP's in mesh network.It has worked perfectly for about a year, but now I start to experience periodically disconnect of a single AP.It happens randomly between the 4 AP's. It simply disconnects, and after 3-4 days it reconnec...

NEED to change WAN setup - IMPOSSIBLE

I need to change my WAN option ... To avoid double nat I would like to connect via ppoe the nest wifi pro. The problem is that the app says that to change the setting I have to disconnect the ethernet of my main router, wait for the yellow light and ...

Google Wi-Fi point with solid blue light and not detected in Home App

Hi there,Apologies if my problem has already been addressed in the forum! I have the old Google Wi-Fi setup with 3 Google points - 1 point successfully set up and used as a Router and then 2 points as Wi-Fi extenders. My problem is that one of the Go...