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set up additional Google Wifi point

I am trying to set up a mesh network with a newly purchased 3-pack of first generation Google Wifi points. I set up the primary access point with an ethernet connection to a Motorola MG7700 cable-modem-plus-router on Comcast Xfinity broadband. The pr...

bobmoore by Community Member
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Nest router point drops signal

I'm using two google nest routers. One from the source, and another acting as a point in a room two walls away that is then wired into a desktop tower. Randomly, to the tune of about once or twice a week, the secondary router will drop all signal. It...

Amroc987 by Community Member
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WIFI Usage details are way off

WIFI data usage statistics are way off in the Google Home App. Sometimes I pull it up and it says my daughter's phone used 10 TBs in the last 7 days, etc. It is not just one device but several where the numbers do not make any sense. Is there an app ...

Resolved! Wi-Fi Calling stopped working upon switch to Nest Wi-fi Pro

Problem: Our cell phones will not make / receive Wi-Fi calls over our Nest Pro Wi-Fi network. Both phones successfully make Wi-Fi calls over Spectrum's Wi-Fi router.Background: We have Google Pixel phones running on Spectrum Mobile. We also have Spec...

JohnN999 by Community Member
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Static IP for Google wifi points

Hi,I am in the process of including a firewall (Firewalla) in my network and I would like to provision static IP address to various Google Wifi points. While I am able to reserve and provision static IPs for various devices in the network, I am unabl...

srajam by Community Member
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Resolved! wired LAN versus wifi connection

This is probably a simple question, but I'm tech-simple-minded, so first post here. At my wifi nest that is connected to the WAN (i.e. close proximity) I want to connect multiple devices, at a mimimum, TV and audio integrated amp. Can someone please ...

rsk5 by Community Member
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Resolved! Lost wired internet, how do I change my nest to use my phone hotspot

All,A hurricane just moved through FL and I lost my wired internet. How can I change my google nest to use my cell hotspot? I have my google nest connected to my cable modem and PC. I want to change my google nest to use my hotspot so I have internet...

jonpfl by Community Member
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multiple google wifi wired downstream to one google wifi router

I read in the documentation ( that it is possible to wire wifi point downstream of the wifi router. In the documentation, it seems tha...

cocodmdr by Community Member
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