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Incredibly High Data Activity

Community Member

Last weekend, around the same time my Home app went through an auto update, give or take a day, the data usage graph for my Dell laptop began depicting occasional spikes of  incredibly high activity, i.e., 218GB downloaded/14GB uploaded on May 29, and 342GB downloaded/22GB uploaded around midnight last night.  Storage space on the laptop maxes out at 240GB, with 66GGB already in use.   I've never seen data traffic through my laptop this high before, not even close, and even if legit, how could a 240GB drive accommodate 342GB of downloaded data?  Or is there a bug in the updated version of Home app that's creating crazy data usage graphs?


Gold Product Expert
Gold Product Expert

Hi @Unknown1 

Did you verify it is your Chrome browser that causes this storage issue?
The Google Home website is just streaming your video if requested. If this is not the case I don't see how this could be the case.

Maybe worth checking your laptop for malware & viruses. 🙄

I use Firefox.  How would I go about feretteting out the details behind the data being downloaded/uploaded, and not just the distribution among apps, which I think is what you're asking (I'm not a techie), but any other details we are entitled to know.  Which raises the bigger question, shouldn't there be more transparency in the transfer of data between entities.  For the average user such as myself, shouldn't there be an easily accessible, readily available report listing data activity details, i.e., who, what, where, when, why, from/to?  As my ISP, I would think Google WiFi is in the best position to generate  such a report?  Yet, all we get from them are these usage charts which, based on prior conversations with Google svc reps, are not thoroughly understood.