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Nest WiFi Pro wired connection is about 10% of what it was on Nest WiFi

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So, my WiFi Pro arrived today and I was really excited to get it setup. I set everything up using the Google Home app and downloaded the updates. I have a fiber gigabit connection from my provider and their most recent modem. My wired connections are pegged to about 90Mbps. My Nest WiFi (non Pro) was getting 900+Mbps wired.

My troubleshooting has been the following:

  • Restart the Nest WiFi Pro network
  • Restart the modem
  • Restart all switches
  • Reboot the hard wired computers

My Nest WiFi Pro is in DHCP WAN mode and connected directly to the 10Gbps ethernet port on my modem. I am using a mix of CAT 5 and CAT 6 cabling and my switches are all gigabit or higher.

Plugging the old Nest WiFi (non Pro) back in yields 900+Mbps on wired connections.

I think something is wrong


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Same treatment they have given other issues.  Initially, they respond hoping it's just a particular customer that messed something up.  When the issue seems to be more widespread, they reply and mark their own replies as solutions to make the thread go away; alternatively they redirect people to fill some form, so the issue can be dealt with "offline" so as to say.  Eventually they all go silent and hope the thread disappears in the abyss of the community forum.  The only solution here is to link to the thread repeatedly on their various social media whenever they advertise these exact products.  That kicks them back into gear.  Typically no solutions though.

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After upgrading to Nest WiFi Pro (from Nest WiFi), my speed test results (from Google Home app) declines noticeably). My service is 1Gbps (both download and upload) and the speeds I'm getting are constantly below 600Mbps up and 500Mbps down. But that's the max. They go down to as much as 40Mbps sometimes. Which was never the case with the older router.

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Same exact experience for me, I can’t seem to get above 650 speeds now, but before was in the 800’s!

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Not sure if its the same issue, however, when I ran speed tests from the Google Home App, it always displayed the speed as being slower than it actual was. (i.e. 500 down on a gig plan), however, when I plugged my laptop directly into the router and ran a speedtest from the computer from, or wherever, it would show getting full speeds. (granted this is an OnHub Router using google home app), not sure if the software would report differently for other Nest routers.

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Surely there's about to be a huge influx on these being returned withing the next cpl days.

Shocking service from Google.

Absolute lack of communication.

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Refund received. The saga is over for me. 


Good luck all, don't forget your return windows!

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Mine is now on its way back to Google. Its been 10 days since I first highlighted the issue to Google support and I was told the problem has been escalated to their engineers. Since then I've heard nothing and reverted back to my original nest wifi which is working exactly as it should with the expected speeds.

Google have fumbled the launch of nest wifi pro unfortunately and I expect they will be receiving a flood of units being returned considering how widespread this issue appears to be.

It's a shame because the price Google are asking for this wifi 6E mesh system is actually very competitive (Had it performed)

I plan to stick with the original nest wifi for now. Wifi 7 which is supposedly launching in 2023 and promises big upgrades over wifi 6E so this whole debacle may just work out for the best.

Good luck guys, I hope Google are able to release a firmware update and fix the problem for those of you patient enough to stick with it but as for me, I'm out!

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Just initiated my return as well.  This has left a very bad taste in my mouth for Nest products.  I get that issues happen, but the lack of any visibility into if a fix is coming and when is what has turned me off.

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Initiating my return tomorrow as are probably many more. Won't touch Nest products again 😔

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Yep, my RMA to will also be initiated tomorrow.

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so i've been messaging @madebygoogle every day since i bought the thing. Normally i've had a speedy response albeit useless. But as soon as i mentioned extending the  return window i've had nothing. I've still be relentlessly messing them as well. Almost like they have muted me or something. Great 5 star customer service.

Mon 11:03 AM - anything yet? I'll need to return this week, unless the return period can be extended due to the issues?

Mon 11:14 AM - We know you want to settle this in a timely manner — but our team is doing their best to solve this. Also, could you run a speed test here?

Mon 11:18 AM - here you go. It's still terrible. i just need to know it's going to be fixed in the next few days or i'm gonna miss the return window. please read all of the above chat, also this thread
Mon 11:21 AM -We appreciate your effort. We know this isn't the answer you're looking for, but we can't provide any specific time frame. We appreciate your patience.
Mon 11:21 AM - so will you extend the return window?
Mon 11:30 AM - To check, are you referring to remorse return policy?
Mon 11:33 AM - Remorse? I’m talking about the nest Wi-Fi pro. I bought it on release. Return window closes this week. The issues have still not be resolved. Will you extend the return window so I can wait for a fix? Or do I just return now?
Mon 11:36 AM - Where did you purchase it?
Mon 11:36 AM - Google store
Mon 12:02 PM - The way i see it, google have sold a defective product so return window should be extended until a fix is released
Mon 2:43 PM - still awaiting a response. Been nearly 3 hours. Is there anyway to get this escalated? I'm into my second week of the same issue now
Yesterday, 11:49 AM - still awaiting a response. Been almost a day?
10:07 AM - Hello? not heard anything for a couple of days. Am i being ignored?
As you can see above. It's been shocking. This is only transcript from the last few days. I've bolded the google responses. Nearly 3 days and not a word

Shocking lack of customer support. I returned mine yesterday because of similar issues and I'm awaiting it to be processed and my refund applied.


It's a sad state of affairs when the most common phrase they utter is "we know this isn't the answer you're looking for".  Maybe they should just aim to get better at providing the service that people are looking for.

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Still no response from google. This is unacceptable. 

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I went from the Google wifi hockey puck getting 800+ Mbps and with the pro it dropped down to ~620 Mbps. I'm glad I'm not the only one, hopefully it's just a software update and nothing wrong with the Nest Pro itself. 

To be honest, I wouldn't trust that at the moment.  You've got no guarantees at all, beyond your return window.  Might as well return for the time being, sit back and see if a fix comes out that actual people report as working for them.

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Getting mine ready to send back. Going back to regular nest wifi.. Support is dismal. Probably India. 

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Someone mentioned the Pro came have a private ip and needs to have a Wan ip. Is that true? My older nest ran fine with static ip connected to my BGW320 gateway in pass thru mode. That was the recommended configuration for the original nest wifi. 

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Started return, getting picked up in the morning, so disappointed with the product and the customer service!

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"Work from home" has paid off.
Someone needs to be fired...

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All my new google pro router(s)/points run  Excessively hot up towards 80 plus degrees! Do have such issue as well? Upgrading to these have been such a major failure and as using google home for a total connect home has made everything less useful then ever before, sad times google... very sad

80 degrees C or F? If C, thats way too hot. If F, I'd say thats about what mine run at too. I wouldn't call it excessively hot. Even my old Nest Wifi gear ran just as warm to the touch. 

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Response from google support today:
"Correct, our engineers are currently working for the permanent fix for this slow internet speed issue.
As of the moment, we are currently waiting for the status update. We are expecting the resolution as soon as possible."

Doesn't really say a lot...

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They ought to be more open about it

That's the same message they have conveyed to me when I reach out to support. 

There is no identification for root cause or what is being done to correct for it.  Further there is no communication of when the anticipated resolution will be available.  Additionally, there is no communication if the issue is hardware related where units will need to be replaced or if a firmware update will fix it.

Very Sadly, no proper representative from Google will respond to this forum thread with any meaningful information.


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Sounds to me like they don't know what the problem is.

Don't believe it until you see it, and have independent customers confirm that it actually works for them.  There's been a range of issues here on the forum that started out in the same way initially, only for those to be left without an actual solution for years.  At this point, don't forget it might even be a hardware issue.  Your device might never work the way it was advertised to.

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I've hit my 10-day return window.  I put it back in the box and shipped it back.  My 5 year old Google WiFi system is getting faster speeds and is more reliable anyways.

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Yep, My RMA is now complete. I waited 13 days but couldn't wait anymore because in the UK you have a 14 day return window. As far as I concerned, I've given them almost 2 weeks to get the problem resolved. That's enough for me now. Going to take a look at some of the suggestions of other brands in this thread.

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Cheers, thanks for the link 👍

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An oppitunity to deafen Google publicly on their own post. 😏

Excellent. It's the only way to get them to do their job and fix it, sadly. Here's the most recent Facebook post from today; feel free to do the same:

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Same issues here as well. DL speeds are very low and devices are not connecting to the wifi 6 antenna. Just caught article from The Verge that update will be released next week but no notes on what the fix includes. 

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A fix is on its way it seems, although too late for me as I had to send mine back within the window. 

Fingers crossed this fixes the issues on BT fibre! 

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Issues here as well. All 3 points are wired and download and upload speeds are so much slower than the Google wifi I just came from. I just read on the Verge that Google is issuing a firmware update soon. Let's hope it helps or it's going back.

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Oh no, not this model too.

Just a heads up, I own the previous Google Wifi Model and guess what, same problems. Terrible Wifi speeds. Despite the community complaints, years later, google still hasnt resolved it.

Most of left to purchase a different brand of Wifi. Its sad to see Google unable to deliver a decent working product.

My advice, get a refund if you can.

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Something is definitely not right. I’m in the US, I have fiber to the house, and our new nest Wi-Fi pro units are no where as fast as our older Google Wi-Fi unit. Sometimes we can’t even get wireless devices to connect. We have to restart the router every time to get it back to “normal” but so far, I am not pleased with this purchase.