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Nest Wifi point not responding to "Hey Google"

Community Member

I purchased a Nest Wifi router + point bundle two years ago (April 2020). After about a year, the Wifi point stopped responding to "Hey Google". The problem can be resolved by factory resetting the device or unplugging/plugging, but the issue returns after a day or two. After pursuing the problem with technical support to no avail, I finally purchased another Nest Wifi point thinking I had a defective/damaged one. After one day, the new Wifi point is exhibiting the same issue. The mesh network and Wifi access appear to still function throughout all of this, but Google Assistant responses, casting, and limited functionality persist which require frequent restarts/resets. This seems to be a bad product line - one that has continued for 2+ years. I have not had any issues with the Nest Wifi router or any Nest Minis.