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Nest wifi randomly going offline

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For the past week my Google nest Wi-Fi go randomly off-line. There have been absolutely no other changes in my network or environment that could cause this. I’ve had no issues prior to this. 

I can see a couple of posts in the forum of a similar vein, has anybody been able to solve this issue? Is it a firmware problem?

I’ve done a full factory reset which hasn’t helped, and in fact seems to have made it worse. 

Setup: Router (firmware 13729.57.27) and 2 points (firmware 1.54.267572)

any ideas?





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Anyone still looking into this? It's now the end of April 2022. And it's still happening.

 Ummmmm….meh.. NO! It will never be “fixed” it’s been over a year, what ya think, google engineers couldn’t fix this if they wanted to? Umm yeah they could. Cost ineffective. It’s broke!

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Me too. Fix it please!

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I am having this same issue as well. I do not have issues with my wired devices even though all of my internet access passes through a Nest device. 

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I'm another one, probably.  Nest network with the router, two wired access points and three wireless points.

A couple of weeks ago, network would die for a couple of minutes, then come back up.  This would continue, frequently throughout the day; made it hard to get anything done.  My company switched me from using Global Protect to ZScaler for VPN access; roughly the same thing happened.

Before I could do a power down/power up of the system, our electricity provider did it for us.  After that, it was good for a while, but doing it again, but less often, shorter durations.

I work connected via ethernet to a switch connected to one of the wired nodes.  I also have a HTPC and Chromecast with Google TV, wired to a switch connected to a wireless node.  They don't seem to have problems, both in streaming video (maybe they're buffering enough?) or just simply using a browser (as I am now on the HTPC).  They aren't using my employer's VPN client, of course, but they aren't having complaints from anyone else either.

I JUST WISH IT WOULD STOP!  Been wfh since March 2020, and it was fine until recently.

Router sw version: 14150.43.80

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Ditto for me. Just got a new nest WiFi setup and it's been nothing but headaches. Keeps dropping connection and telling me my points are offline. Strangely the music via Chromecast will keep playing no problem.

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Been having this problem the past few months. Happens about once a day.


Edit: meant to write the past few weeks (the last month)

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Put me on the list of impacted customers. This is happening in at my house (Nest router + 2 wifi points) and my vacation home (Nest router + 1 point). I'm so fed up with Google this year, first the Pixel 6 network issues and now this. They are completely unresponsive, ridiculously slow to push updates, and when updates hit they don't fix anything.


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Google has made this the year to say, "We care nothing about our customers". The Pixel 6 line has been horrible. I've been using Google smart phones since the Nexus era.. Never have the flopped so hard for so long. Not just the Pixel line and WiFi devices either. We have a bunch of smart speakers and Google TV... All more buggy than ever this year

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I'm not trying to jinx my situation but I've gone 2 weeks so far with no offline moments for my access point. Not sure what happened, maybe an update, but I'm good right now. 

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Keep your fingers crossed, I went almost five days without any issue and said something out loud and an hour later it went offline...

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I know I was afraid to share but had to let people know. Mine used to go out once a week for me like clockwork

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I am, and have been having this same issue for a while now.  I have 2 wifi points, that randomly go offline.  My Nest Router goes offline intermittently several times a week.  I have used this setup for years with no issue until all this started a few months ago.  How annoying. 

Buying a new router today, obviously one made by a different company.  

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Google wifi nest worked well for a while. Till the last update. Non stop rebooting the router. Horrendous. 

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I see a very similar issue. Google Wifi mesh with 3 devices worked fine for a few weeks then suddenly it started going offline. I can put all devices in the same room less than 3 meters appart and they will still lose connectivity. 

The weird thing is that it seems to be related to the time of day. It doesn't work quite as badly at nights and I sometimes have a bit of luck with a factory reset but for the most part my Google Wifi is unusable for work now. 

There is still an open support case but I am losing confidence that Google can provide a fix.


In general, when I talk to suppliers I appreciate open communication. It's fine if a supplier can't deliver right there, right then as long as I feel valued as a customer and I can see at least an honest attempt to commit to a plan or resolution.

So far, I am not getting that feeling with Nest. I can see that the issue is persistent, affecting multiple customers but not given much priority since it is hard to fix or affecting only a small percentage of your customers. 

I was able to potentially fix the problem by completely isolating the google router from any other device on my wired network. After essentially removing all other network devices from the wired network of the upstream router/modem the wifi points now have a stable connection.

All my wired devices are now connected through a tp-link router in WDS mode to the google wifi. Ugly as it may be, at least the weird connectivity issue seems to be resolved. 


so elimination of any wired connections downstream from the Nest/Google Mesh hub router effectively allows the wifi to work without issues?

Well my mesh hub and access points do not have any wired connections from them. Still have drops and poor connections. 

Actually I removed all wired connections both downstream (directly connected to the access points) and upstream. Downstream connections didn't seem to be as problematic. They actually prevented a single access point from being joined to the wifi mesh but didn't kill the whole mesh for me. 

The upstream connections really did the trick for me. So I moved my wired home automation devices and an old NAS from upstream to downstream via wifi.

In addition, I don't know whether my issues and yours really have the same root cause. 

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I got the following email from google nest team about a week or so ago acknowledging the issue  (see below). I contacted their support since the form link didn't work and got a replacement sent out. So far I have not had any issues after replacing the device. To make it an easy transition, I set up the replacement router with the same name and password as my old one so all my devices connect to to automatically after a couple of tires.

I don't think any software patches will fix this and might be a hardware issue. This is just me guessing but hopefully this helps out some of you guys


We’re committed to building products that deliver helpful solutions for your home and work the way you expect. So we want to let you know that we’ve identified an issue with your Nest Wifi router (serial number*: 9A220EXAN0HSYI) that may cause it to reboot several times a day and disrupt your internet usage. Unfortunately, our testing indicates that this problem might worsen over time.

We’d like to offer you a replacement at no cost to you. All you need to do is fill out this form, and our Support team will send you a new router and instructions for sending back your current device.

We apologize for this inconvenience and look forward to helping you.

- The Google Nest team

*The serial number is 14 characters and is the last line printed on the bottom of the device.


How old was your set? I doubt Google will offer this to anyone that has had their equipment over a year

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Hi, I also have this problem. Has there been any resolution for this?

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I have two networks, one for my primary residence and one vacation home. I contacted Google support and they instructed me to apply a custom DNS, toggle "Nest Wifi Cloud Services", and hard reset the router, modem, and any points you may have after about an hour of applying the changes. This was done at my vacation home three days ago and it seems to have fixed the issue, though I don't have 100% confidence in Google anymore. I'm going to try the same procedure on my home network in a couple of days and will report if it helped and is stable.

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Wow finally found everyone is seeing this issue. Maybe class action because I can't get support. It's not working correctly. 

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@Jeff  @ThePlaneskeeper 

I've had a rock solid Google Nest Wifi (Wi-Fi & wired) for over a year.  Sometime in mid April 2022, bad things started happening.  Slow internet, we were rebooting the router.  I've been reading these posts, it's just ridiculous. 

Software version: Router: 14150.43.80 ; Points: 1.54.294928

I have found a work around but it's absolutely not a fix.   

If you run a Google Home speed test from the Nest router, the problem goes away for 6-12 hours. 

When the router is acting up you can see a ton of latency on the layer-2 network when pinging the LAN gateway address.  Should be <1ms and you'll start seeing either dropped packets or high latency 50ms - 400ms.    Use ping -t -w 1 [ip.address.of.router] , you can see what I'm talking about.

Google search 'internet speed test' and then run the test before and after running the Google Home speed test, you will see instant results.  I have a video on YouTube showing this, for both wired and Wi-Fi -

This is not a Comcast, Verizon FIOS or a Wi-Fi problem.  It's a problem inside the router.


My Internet Provider info:

  • Verizon FIOS 300/300
  • My typical upload and download speeds: 295Mb/312Mb  (Fast!)

Preferred Activities (WiFi):

  • Video conferencing - ON
  • Gaming - OFF

Privacy Settings:

  • Nest Wifi cloud services - ON
  • Wifi router and point usage stats - ON

DNS Settings - Automatic

LAN Settings - Using DHCP Pool

IPv6 - OFF

DHCP IP Reservations - None

Port Management - None

Device Mode - AUTO (NAT standard mode)


FYI, on Sunday I disabled Preferred Activities (essentially QoS) for Video Conferencing and we have not had a slowdown in 3 days.  

Preferred Activities (WiFi):  

Video conferencing - Off

Gaming - OFF

We also don't have any 'Prioritized' devices, I suggest you disable all of those since that is also QoS related.

Still running Router: 14150.43.80 ; Points: 1.54.294928

Give it a shot and let me know! 

Community Member

After > 1 year of no issues I started having the same problems mid-April.  Both hard-wired and Wi-Fi are having issues.  It's the router, nothing to do with the Internet provider or nearby Wi-Fi interference. 

I found that running a speed test inside the Google Home App temporarily resolves the problem.  I posted a video here -


To test (on Windows), ping using Ping.exe -t -w 1 [ip.address.of.LanGateway]

Google Nest Wifi - 3 pack

Models - Router: Model H2D; Points: Model H2E

Software version: Router: 14150.43.80 ; Points: 1.54.294928

@Jeff  @ThePlaneskeeper 

I actually got a replay from google.  One of my routers was defective or became defective(?) it was actually quite random. I don’t know if they saw my post here or they saw that I had added routers and then returned them through amazon.

Anyway, they sent me a free router and told me which router to switch out. And now it works well again

Community Member

That is interesting since this time and 6 weeks ago the same point will not restart. I have to factory reset for 3rd time.  Wonder if that is part of the problem

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I gave up on getting any help from Google. They are good at search but apparently not much else. I bought a TP-Link Deco Mesh WiFi from Amazon with 3 nodes for $129. I named it the same as my Google Router and install was flawless. It has not gone down once. I had hoped I could use the Google points as speakers but they are not reliable. Anyone know how to make them into simple speakers? I suspect as more people get frustrated this will be useful.

Excellent find and trouble shooting BenConrad

I daily power cycle the main nest router hub to get it working. But this workaround fixes it for some hours. And have same effect as power cycle.

"I found that running a speed test inside the Google Home App temporarily resolves the problem.  I posted a video here -"


It is beyond crazy that Google have not got a fix for this. 

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I am having constant connection drops - all in 1 day.  My internet service coming into house is fine but that’s it.  In March I bought a new google router to go with my pints but here I am 6 weeks later & I can’t keep a signal fir

more than 10 mins. This money spent and down the hole! I’m not technology expert but I guess I will spend the day research alternative systems. I need to be able to work and we stream all entertainment!

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As much asi hate these things it might be the time to go hard way on Google- sue them. It's radiculis at this point that r have to deal with bad wifi all the time after spending hundreds and hundreds of dollars on their mesh network. Too many points??? Where were they when pushing to sell them? Seems newer ones, under nest brand, even worse than original ones. All promises to fix bad connections in dead zones are broken, I had Asus router for $100 that was working great everywhere except one room. Now after spending over $600  on this junk I pretty much have the same. 

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Same here. It's been almost unusable with the puck 5 feet from the device. TV in the room with the router is fine. They were also a hassle to set up with my smart devices. I was being lazy when I bought it...lesson learned.

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I think we might need to face the reality that Google will never get this issue fixed for us 👨‍🔧

already have....

Installed a new TP-LINK Deco Whole Home Mesh Wi-Fi 6 System AX3000 Deco X55 on Saturday.  Everything is stable so far.


Community Member

The only real way Google will perk up and take care of this is for the Media to grab onto it. 9to5 Google did a piece a while back about the issue which was how I discovered this thread. They should do an updated article maybe a bigger site like the verge will latch onto it.

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And now I don't have internet going through my router. Google is not helping itself avoiding fixing these issues. I've never had a router do this before. And I've had or used many routers. 

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I also have the same issue as everyone else.  But the last patch made it even worse I know manually have to restart the network to get it back to to working daily.

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Same problems here too. Running 2 routers and 2 points with the routers connected through a lan switch. 

daily resets for me alternating between the routers. Was working fine until the last 2 months.