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New setup with points that were working now show "Weak Connection"

Community Member

I have a week old setup after switching from a netgear router over to one nest router , 2 nest points and one old google  Wifi that has cat5e backhaul. A few days ago in the home app doing the mesh test they would all show as great connection. The nest router is in the middle of the house on the 2nd floor. The first point was maybe 20 feet away through the hallway and a door. The next point is downstairs below the first point. The google wifi is in the garage (other end of the house with cat 5e backhaul). The google wifi consistently shows as great connection and anything plugged into the lan seems to be fine. But the nest wifi points have started to get progressively worse. A few days ago they started to go offline and would need to be reset, but when they came back online the connection was still either good or great. Now though they are consistently Weak. I even moved the first point into the same room as the router and did the mesh test and it comes up as weak. They are setting 6 inches apart now. 

I have tried restarting the network in the home app, unplugged the router and also the points, nothing seems to get them back past "Weak". The router software version is 14150.43.81 

The nest point has firmware 1.54.294928

Any help would be appreciated.