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Duplicate devices listed in my google wifi

Every time my son logs in to his windows 10 desktop a new name is listed under my google wifi devices, how do i get rid of this behavior and how do i delete the duplicate names? (factory reset is not an acceptable solution since i have so many device...

newbie75 by Community Member
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Resolved! I would like to wire in a Google Router treating it as a Access Point.

I would like to wire in a Google Router treating it as a Access Point. Is this possible.The Setup is ISP Switch > Google Wifi Router > LAN Switch > Google Router (acting as an Access Point)Can this work?We tried this early today and when I added the ...

wurstd by Community Member
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Unable to rename devices on wifi

I understand that unused devices will fall off the wifi device list after 30 (or possibly 60) days, however it seems the device names are retained as I cannot rename a new device to a name that was used previously (i.e. "Scott's Android"). Since the ...

ScottyB by Community Member
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Google mesh wifi

Hi. We recently installed the Google router and two mesh network points. Since then, the network often just stops working, but a test of the speed or mesh show no problems.I have tried resetting the network, unplugging and replugging the router, no i...

lflo by Community Member
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Resolved! Unable to connect to specific website

My fiance has run into an issue using our Google Wifi. From our home, she is unable to connect to her account but can connect when is she is out of the house. I am trying to troubleshoot so my question is this: is there a way to do log anal...

ebcovert3 by Community Member
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Google Nest Wifi Point keeps disconnecting

Hi,I have two google nest wifi points and one of them keeps disconnecting and going offline and it wont reconnect. A factory reset fixes the problem but then it happens again. It wont restart from the google home app. The other wifi point is ok even ...

MeganAnn by Community Member
  • 27 replies
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google nest wifi drops every hour

google nest wifi worked great when I first hooked it up about 6 months ago. Now drops internet hourly for the last month. comes back about 10 minutes you would not be able to take a exam or have a meeting. what is the fix? does the unit need to be re...

BigEd64 by Community Member
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Nest Wifi Points Do Not Connect to Router

I have a Nest Wifi router and 2 points that have been working without an issue since I purchased them in October 2020. Today the points were showing as not connected to the router (lights were orange) and I have tried various troubleshooting steps wi...

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