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Now / Sky Broadband and Google Wifi

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Just moved away from Vodafone and plugged in my Now Broadband 2 Router.  Connected and Wi-Fi etc.  However the Google Wi-Fi will not connect.  I have turned off the WIFI  on the Now Router. and tried a factory reset on the Google Wi-Fi (not Nest) and get to the point f asking me to connect my ethernet cable and then connection failed.  is there a work around.




Silver Product Expert
Silver Product Expert

Hello @JMSuch ,

First I would double-check that you are getting internet from your Now Broadband 2 Router by plugging an Ethernet cable into the Ethernet 1 slot on the back of the Router and then to your computer to make sure you have internet. 

If the connection is successful, take that ethernet cable out of the computer and plug that into the Globe connection on the Google Wifi Router then open the Google Home app and press the + in the top right and follow the instructions to set up Google Wifi.  It will then run you through how to get your Google Wifi back up and running.

Please let me know if you have any further questions.