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Poor Connection with Nest Camera- Works for ~24 hours and then needs factory reset?

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Hello, I am hoping that maybe someone has solved this before and has some ideas to try. 

About 6 months ago I finally upgraded from my OnHub Tp-Link router to a Google Nest Home Mesh Wifi setup and since then I have had constant problems getting only one of my Nest cameras to stay connected.  I have moved the points all over the house several times but eventually the camera will lose it's connection and then can never be found again until I perform a factory reset on it.  I notice the camera is always on the 5 gHz band, and even though it has a mesh point in the garage (which the app says has a great mesh connection) the camera will often 'forget' this point exists an attempt to connect to the main router on the 5 ghz.  My phone will get right on the access point and shows a very strong signal when I am on a ladder just by the camera.  My most recent setup has a point in the garage so less than 25 feet and one wooden wall between them.    It has made the camera essentially worthless.  I have several home hubs, a yale lock, nest doorbell camera, etc that all work perfectly without any issues.  It's just this one wired floodlight camera that won't stay connected.  I had worked fine for almost a year before I change the wifi routers.

Tricks or hints?  I tried to go back  to the TP-Link router (security be damned) and it looks like it can't even be set up through the home/wifi app anymore.  😞  This mesh system feels like such a downgrade.  It might be better in a few of the rooms but I don't feel like I can connect as far away from my house as I used to be able to do.

Thanks in advance!




Google Nest Help has a topic on troubleshooting Wi-Fi issues; I don't know whether it will be of any use with your Google Mesh Wi-Fi situation, but here is the link:

Yeah, I've been through it several times with the camera support crew and the wifi support crew.   Everyone is blaming each other and many of their troubleshooting tips don't seem applicable (ie- I would love to force a 2.4 ghz connection but it doesn't seem like the mesh wifi allows for this). 


Honestly I wish I had never changed over from my original setup.  It was a perfect workhorse in every way, and I am kinda grumpy that google EOL'd it a railroaded me into such a downgrade.  


Thanks for the suggestion!


Sorry to hear that. I'm glad we have Linksys routers configured as wired Wi-Fi access points, rather than Google Wi-Fi.