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Set time limits (NOT schedules) for groups of devices, for example my teenager's phone and lapto...

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For example my teenager's Android phone and Mac laptop and Roku device cannot be active for more than 3 hours in a 24 hour period.

This was asked in the closed ticket

but the answer refers to schedules. This is not the question, we want to limit the number of hours a group of devices can be used.

Also, I do not want to use Family Link because my teenage son is very tech savvy and will be able to disable it. Also, I don't think I can install Family Link on Roku. 

According to it is not possible to have limited wifi by usage time, which is odd.

I was hoping for something simple like a feature that's available on my 2013 TPLink router, but if not, is this something I can script with



Community Specialist
Community Specialist

Hello alberto56,

Thanks for posting here in the Community.

We understand that you'd like to set time limits for devices connected to your Wi-Fi network. While this specific feature is not available, sending feedback will give our team more data that they can apply to improve the overall experience of using Google Wifi and Nest Wifi devices. You can also share this in our thread: Create powerful automations with our new script editor, now available in Public Preview.

Let us know if you have additional questions or concerns; otherwise, I'll close the thread after 24 hours.