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Wi Fi password

Community Member

Hi. I want to change my wifi router. Do I have to change my nest cam password for every single camera ??


Diamond Product Expert
Diamond Product Expert

Hello @Irfan39 

No, you should be able to use the same network name and password with a new WiFi router. As long as you have it exactly the same, your existing client devices should connect to the new router automatically. Just make sure you take note of the exact network name and password, making sure all of the capitalization and any punctuation are exactly right.

Community Member

When I change the internet provider do I need to change all cameras passwords for nest cam or I have to set up as new camera. 


If you are able to configure your new router/modem with the same SSID and password as your old router/modem, you won't have to update your cameras.  That's what we did when we got a new router/modem and all the cameras and doorbells worked without needing updating.  Depending on the camera or doorbell, updating the camera can be challenging.

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Community Specialist

Hi there, 


I apologize for my late response and thank you for all of your patience while waiting for a reply. I can definitely understand how frustrating your situation must be, but I wanted to make sure that your issue was addressed. Do you still need help with this issue? I know that there's been a delay in response since you posted.


Please let me know if you need further assistance. 

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