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Wifi Pro offline every day, needs power cycle

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Recently upgraded from Google WiFi to Google WiFi Pro 6E.  Netgear cable modem and original Google WiFi mesh were rock solid before.


Since installing a brand new Wifi Pro mesh 2 days ago, the entire WiFi network would go offline every day or so.  The status LED continues to show a solid white.

Cable modem remains operational (checked via Ethernet wired to a computer).  I have ruled out the modem/ISP being the issue.

  • Software version: 1.63.318999


I was able to recover from this by manually powercycling the main Nest WiFi Pro.  The entire WiFi network then recovered.  This is obviously an unacceptable long term solution.

Has anyone had this connectivity issue?  The product reliability on Day 2 of my installation is deeply concerning.

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Community Specialist
Community Specialist

Hi everyone,

I just wanted to jump in again and let you know that a new firmware release is going out now to Nest Wifi Pro devices. You won't need to do anything to receive the update and it will install automatically once it's available for your hardware. The update will be pushed out to all users by the end of this week. There are a variety of performance updates and bug fixes in the release, so I'm hoping this clears up the issues you're seeing here. Let me know if you have any questions about the update.


Also, we'll keep this thread open so everyone can chime in.


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Unfortunately I cannot help, but I do want to +1 your issue. This thing has been absolutely terrible and at this point, 2 days of ownerships, I am planning on return and finding a better replacement. It needs to be rebooted several times a day and eventually nothing actually works. Shows full WIFI tho. Will run a speed test and get 800+ while a webpage wont load at the same time. This thing is not ready and I can't believe they haven't put out a firmware update. 

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Haven't seen this before. I've done about 16 installs to date. Almost every other issue on here I've seen in one way or another. Just curious, have you tried swapping the main unit with one of the units you are using as points? You may be able to do this without a factory reset but I'm not 100% sure.  If that fixes the issue, at least you know you just have a single lemon unit and you could possibly just go exchange them rather than dealing with the daily nightmare it seems you are living.

I swapped the main unit last night and still, this afternoon the swapped unit lost internet connection.

Unfortunate, hopefully they address this sooner than later.

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Same thing is happening for my brand new Nest Wifi Pro, which replaced a Nest Wifi network. For me it has lost connection five times in the last 48 hours since I installed it. Light on the main router stays solid white, devices are still connected to wifi, but none of them, including the wired devices, can reach the internet. Power cycling the main router resolves the problem. I have IPV6 disabled. There are no obvious triggers when it goes out. Last night it happened twice and we were just watching a streaming show, which probably used 20MBps of bandwidth on a wired connection. I've no brilliant ideas what to try to isolate the cause.

I just got off the phone with Google support. As an experiment we've set the DNS to Custom with primary as and secondary as Then we went into Privacy Settings and Toggled the "Nest wifi cloud services" off an on again. Then power-cycled the mesh network. Now I'll monitor the network and see if it loses internet again.

Legit the same stuff they just had me do over chat. Maybe they have a playbook now and know whats up. Now I have a nest floodlight cam that will not reconnect back to the network. It's 25 feet in the air lol. OOF. 

Pdaniell, I do the same on Saturday, it did not stop the system from losing connection.  We have tried all three DNS options, including manually setting DNS to

A quick update from me on this issue. After making the change above it has now been almost 24 hours and my network has not lost internet connection. So far it's looking good. I don't know which of the two things - DNS setting or toggling the cloud setting - "fixed" it. I plan to keep this DNS setting for a while, at least until there is a new firmware update that might fix the issue for real.

My network lost internet again last night so the issue is not fixed for me and the workaround didn’t work. I’ve now switched to the ISP DNS and disabled Nest Wifi cloud services to see if that helps.

I have no solid evidence yet, but I have the feeling the problem could be triggered by activity on the guest network. Does anyone else who is having this problem also have the guest network active?

My network just went down again, so the DNS and Nest cloud experiment didn't make it work. Not sure what to try next.

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Well, I guess the good thing is, is it's happening to multiple people in multiple scenarios so maybe Google takes notice.

I have same or similar issues, seems coverage is also not that good. I had the previous system Google wifi, that was great but wanted faster speeds... wish i had not bough 6 of these things, for a much worse performance and setup nightmare!! points go offline at will and need to be turned on and off time and time again... 

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Google Chat had me:

Open the Google Home app .
Tap Wi-Fi and then Settings (gear-icon) and then Advanced Networking.
Tap DNS.
Select Custom and enter “” under primary and “” under secondary
Then tap save at the bottom
Tap floppy disk icon at the top right-hand corner.

Also toggle off nest cloud and back on:

Open the Google Home app .
Tap Wi-Fi and then Settings (gear-icon) at the upper right hand.
Tap Privacy Settings.
Toggle Nest Wifi cloud services off after 10 seconds turn it back on.

No idea what this will do or if it will help but this is what they said to do

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I have 4 day old Google Nest Pro (3 of them) dropping the internet connection several times a day.  I have been with Google support every day trying something different.  My network went down again a few minutes ago.  I am going to ask for a full refund until they can guarantee that it works.

curious - do you have a fiber connection? I did the 'fix' too they had me do, but it doesn't seem like it helped much. 

MarkThesalami, yes, I have a Verizon FIOS for my ISP.

This seems to be the issue. From what I am gathering we all have ONT connections. Fiber connection straight to the first node 

FWIW I don't have fiber. My Nest Wifi Pro router is connected to a cable modem.

Well there goes that theory. Sounds like this thing wasn't ready and needs an update stat. Cannot believe we haven't heard anything from Google yet. This thing is a day from going back as a return. 

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Sorry folks don't have a solution, but I also bought the Nest Wifi Pro and the same thing is happening to my network multiple times a day.  I will be requesting a refund and go back to my Eero if this issue is not fixed quickly.  

Absolutely ridiculous there hasn't been a formal google communication on the matter. clearly there is a massive issue. 

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I am having the exact same issue.  All of a sudden internet goes down and only power cycle for the router connected to my FiOS modem will get me back online.  I've done this twice today so far.

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Experiencing all of these issues with latency, dropped connections, and the network going down entirely for minutes at a time with my Nest Wifi after the most recent update.


My Nest WiFi Pros come today, and I'm fearing they'll share the same fate. Disastrous for a new product launch, but I hope they prioritize fixing this.  

Yeah, I didn't experience this with the Nest Wifi and I still have my old mesh, if this daily reboot continues I may have to switch back.  However, I do see the speed increase and I need one less mesh device...

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My recommendation to everyone experiencing the dropped internet connection is to request a warranty replacement.  Just like any other product, it is broken and you should ask for a warranty replacement at no cost.

So I did the dns and cloud service fix from above and haven't had a reset since rebooted after the change.  I was resetting 3 or more times a day before so I recommend. Make sure you do a power cycle after saving the changes.

HI, quick question.


Do you have to power cycle the main unit only ( connected to router) or each nest wifi pro unit? i have 6 in my system.... 

It’s enough to just power cycle the primary router - the one connected to your modem. 

Yes I just power cycled the one connected to modem.

Unfortunately I had to reboot again just now so it's not a fix.

Me too unfortunately. I'm not sure what to try next. As an experiment I set the DNS to my ISP and disabled Nest cloud.

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Good evening, fellow Google Nest Pro users,

After 4 days of repeating loss of internet connection, I requested a warranty replacement for the three pack.  I just finished doing a factory reset of the original equipment and installed the replacement units.  Let's see if these units can work without dropping the internet connection.

Any further updates on this issue? Any news from Google for a permanent fix?

I would recommend contacting support, there is no fix but the more people complain the more likely we are to get a fix.  I suspect many of us may be returning these devices in a few weeks if this isn't fixed.

Hi folks, 


Appreciate you flagging this in the community. We've made the appropriate teams aware of this, and they're working on it. In the meantime, feel free to add your report in the comments below and stay tuned to this thread for updates.




Jhonleanmel, why is your text marked as the "answer"?  Instead, you should let customers know that there isn't a fix, and that they will have to power recycle the devices every time it loses connection to the internet.

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I had a similar issue. It took me *hours* to setup the system last Saturday. The first wifi point wouldn't setup within the Home app. It kept flashing slow yellow, indicating the Nest WiFi Pro wasn't getting a signal from the modem. I reset my modem from my ISP, rebooted it and the Nest WiFi Pro several times, etc., all to no avail. By the time I called Nest support and got connected with their Wifi department, somehow it started to initialize the setup and I was able to get it and the 3 satellite points up and running then within 15 minutes. Fast forward to the next morning, the internet dropped out shortly after waking up. HOURS later talking to Nest support, getting dropped and bounced around, I managed to get it running again. Fast forward to the next morning, the same thing - internet cut out. Talked to my ISP for an hour, no issues on their end. Talked to my modem manufacturer, no settings need to be changed - try resetting it, that's all. Talked to Nest support, submitted feedback with diagnostics for their elevated support team to analyze... By the time they responded that rebooting the modem and router should be all that's needed to fix it (which I'd done about 50 times already), I had gotten it back up and running again. When I woke up the next morning to it being out again, I reset all the points and reinstalled my Nest Wifi system I had before. Had it up and running within 10 minutes, it found the IP signal from my modem as soon as it connected. Nest Wifi Pro clearly has some hardware or software issues, and Google should have done more testing before putting this product to market. I want it to work, I like the features and convenience of Nest Wifi (and really wanted to upgrade to Wifi 6), but until there's more promising solution, I feel like returning my 4-pack is the only logical solution.

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Good evening,
I struggled with the Nest Wifi Pro since it arrived Oct 27. Multiple times every day it would lose connection to the internet and either be power recycled or when I was gone or asleep, it would come back online after 30 to 60 minutes.

Each night I spent a couple hours on the phone with Google support trying everything they suggested. Finally, I demanded a warranty replacement, they sent me a new box of 3 Nest Wifi Pros. They arrived Nov 3, each day I have gone through the same process with the replacement units. Same issue, they randomly go offline resulting in a loss of my internet access.

My case numbers are:

Today I gave up. I am returning all the devices for a full refund. I recommend that everyone else return their devices before the 15 day window expires.

This product should be removed from sale until they fix the issue with multiple random loss of connection to the internet.

Richard Zulewski