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Wifi points with ethernet uplink are showing in Home app with a "Connection type" of wireless

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Hi! I've been successfully using the Google wifi mesh system for years without issue. In my setup, I connect the wifi points via ethernet in order to have faster backhaul to the wifi point that acts as the router. Until recently, this has all been working fine. Recently, the Home app is showing a "Connection Type" of "Wireless" (rather than "Wired") for all my wifi points.

I have rebooted my ISP modem, the Google wifi router point, the switch, and one of the wifi points that is exhibiting this issue. I have unplugged the ethernet cable from the wifi point and plugged that into my laptop, disabled wifi on my laptop (to force it to use the ethernet connection), and successfull browsed the internet and done internet speedtests. All of the above confirm the proper functioning of the ethernet cables, switch, Google wifi router point, and ISP modem.

The version of the wifi points is 14150.376.32.

Any ideas as to why they are reporting "Wireless" as their connectivity type when the available wired connection clearly works?




Gold Product Expert
Gold Product Expert

Hey @samikhoury .

The issue you describe can happen if you set up the points as Wifi points and then connected them via Ethernet. You will need to remove the points/reset them, connect them via Ethernet, then go through adding them.

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Thank you, @PatrickP_Viking!

I wound up fixing the issue myself by initiating a factory reset from within the Google Home app of one of the wifi points. Strangely, after performing the factory reset and then adding the wifi point back to my network, all of the points resumed using their hardwired connection and reporting as such in the Google Home app.

I resorted to doing the factory reset because I had confirmed that everything else was working (the ISP modem, the switch, the ethernet cables themselves, etc). But I am baffled by what could have been going wrong and that was fixed by a factory reset of just one of the wifi points.

Anway, things are working again!


Hey @samikhoury .

Glad things are working again. Without a log dump it would be hard to say what caused it if different than what I noted in my first post. 

Let us know if you need any further assistance.

Community Specialist
Community Specialist

Hello everyone, 

Thanks for lending a hand, @PatrickP_Viking

We appreciate you letting us know, @samikhoury. We're glad that everything worked out for you. We're going to lock the thread within 24 hours. If you have further concerns, please feel free to create a new post.