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Can Nest Secure broadcast the 85 decibel alarm through Nest Protect or Nest Speakers?

Community Member

When the Nest Secure alarm is triggered, I would like to be able to hear it throughout our house.

With the Nest Secure pod, on the 3rd-level, we can barely hear it on the 1st-level if it sounds.  A second Nest Secure unit on the 1st-level would have alleviated that issue.  Since that configuration does not work, do I need to integrate Google/Nest speakers into the system to amplify the alarm sound?  My wife isn't a fan of having "Google listening posts" scattered throughout the house, so I would want to have the microphones turned-off, but still be able to transmit the alarm sound if triggered.  We have a Google Home Hub, and it doesn't transmit the alarm sound or even provide a visual warning (i.e., bright flashing screen), which I find an odd lack of integration.