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Nest Secure user, didnt get Google Promotion / ending email

Community Member

So I just happened to stumble upon the Nest Secure stuff ending. I never got an email from Google that I am aware of. I contacted support a moment ago to see if I could get a new email. They said they would log into my account and check. Verified I am indeed a nest secure user. After about 15 mins chatting with them, they come back with "well, sorry you didnt get the email. Nothing we can do." "We can resend. Its an automated email by the google". 

I told them that is terrible service.  So now all this expiries May 7 for the promotion. I didnt and cant get an email. I lose my Nest Secure stuff, and I lose out on 200$ or the choice of the ADT equipment. May just have to ditch all my google stuff all together.


Community Member

Hello, I did get the letter and tried to redeem the code on google store; it did not work. So I contacted Google and spent over 45 minutes on a chat providing all kinds of information they requested. They issued me a new code. I tried this and it did not work. I immediate told them and  they said the code had been redeemed; I DID NOT redeem it. Now they refuse to respond to my request to speak to a manager. Total failure and enough to make me bail.

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What was the subject for the auto generated email? I am trying to find it in my Gmail right now. Also on hold with support and they don't seem to understand. Lol

The email subject is:

Important: An update on your Nest Secure

Community Member

Same here. Never got the email, Google reps simply don't care