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Nest Yale Lock Offline

Community Member

My Nest Yale Lock worked fine for about 6 months, then it went offline.

Changed batteries - Nothing.

Moved the mini Connect closer to the lock. Nothing.

Reset the lock. Nothing.

Error keeps popping up "Something went wrong T026(4060)

The only reason I went with the Yale lock was so I could update passcodes remotely, and now that isn't an option until this thing gets back online.

Was there an updated code or firmware that got pushed out recently?


Community Member

Hey Rmacgeorge, same issue here.  Have tried factory reset a number of times with no luck.   Lights cycle blue, green, red and then stays there for over 5 minutes.

Community Specialist
Community Specialist

Hi folks,


I’m sorry to hear that and for the delayed response here. No worries, we’ll check this out — a few questions: what’s the status light of your Nest Connect? How far is your Nest x Yale Lock and Connect from the router? Are the batteries of your lock fresh and standard AA alkaline batteries? Also, what Wi-Fi frequency band do you try to connect to (2.4 GHz or 5 GHz)?


Here are some troubleshooting steps you can try:


  1. Take off the battery cover and remove the batteries from your lock. If you received a low battery alert, use a fresh set of standard AA batteries. Don't use rechargeable batteries with your lock.
  2. Put the batteries back in after 60 seconds. Wait a few minutes to check if your lock comes back online.
  3. Restart the Connect: 
    • Plug Connect into a power outlet. 
    • Hold down Connect’s button until the light pulses blue (about 10 seconds). Then release the button. 
  4. Factory reset your Connect. Hold your Connect’s button for much longer than 8 seconds, the light will turn yellow, which means your Connect is preparing to factory reset. Keep holding down the button, when the light flashes yellow then goes off, release the button. 
  5. Remove it from the Nest app. Then, add it back. The recommended router settings are the 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi frequency. 
  6. Restart your modem or router, unplug it from the power outlet, wait for 1 to 2 minutes. Then, plug it back in.
  7. Factory reset your lock. Then, re add it to your Nest app.
  8. Create a new home structure then add your Connect and lock.

Let me know how it goes.



Community Specialist
Community Specialist

Hi everyone,


We just want to check if you have seen our response posted above. Let us know if you have additional questions, otherwise we'll be locking the thread.



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Community Specialist

Hey there,


Just checking in to make sure that you've seen our responses. Please let me know if you have other questions or concerns as I will be locking this in 24 hours if I won't hear back from you again. Feel free to start a new thread and we'll be happy to help.


Thanks for chiming in, Princess.